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Connecticut Aquatic Resources Education (CARE)

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CARE classes introduce you to the wonders of water, fish and fishing. The CARE program has taught over 111,000 citizens about water, fish and fishing since 1986. Our Certified Instructors will pass along the knowledge they have learned through years of angling. Videos, demonstrations and activities will teach and entertain youths and adults alike. The program is comprised of free classes and outdoor workshops which foster resource stewardship, promote an understanding of aquatic systems and fishery management decisions and encourage both an understanding and utilization of aquatic resources.  View a list of upcoming CARE classes across the state.

Over 500 Certified Instructors have volunteered their time to the program at a rate equivalent to 20 full-time employees. This effort has provided a monetary value of almost  $1,200,000 since 1987 allowing the program to operate with minimal state funding. Offerings range from full 4-day classes to half-day workshops. Additionally, City Fishing summer events have taught 25,000 minority youth on urban waters. The CARE curriculum is included in the classrooms of twelve school systems. Educational efforts at two Fisheries Division hatcheries and a CARE education center reach 10,000 citizens annually. Plus, CARE staff have developed displays already viewed by millions of citizens. 

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Perch Tales is a periodic newsletter for Instructors in the Connecticut Aquatic Resources Education (CARE) program.

To learn more about the CARE Program, please call the CARE Center at 860-663-1656.

{sfr logo}   The CARE Program receives 75% of its funds from the federal Sport Fish Restoration Program. The remaining 25% state match is derived by using the value of the services provided by the volunteer instructors. The Sport Fish Restoration Program is funded by the excise tax paid by sportsmen on fishing equipment and a portion of the tax on motorboat fuels.

Content Last Updated March 2011