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Connecticut Aquatic Resources Education (CARE)

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CARE will introduce you, your family, and friends to the wonders of water, fish, and fishing.  State certified Instructors pass along information and expertise they’ve gained while angling in local waters for many years.  Demonstrations and activities make learning fun for adults and kids alike.  Most classes include a fishing trip to a local angling hotspot!  Find a class scheduled in your area by viewing a list of upcoming CARE classes. More in-depth program information can be seen by looking at our latest Annual Performance Report or watch our Learn To Fish video (5-1/2 minutes) which introduces viewers to the CARE Family Fishing Course. You can also view our "Let's Go Fishing!" workbook, free when you take one of our CARE classes.

Informational Brochures/Folletos de Informacion
The CARE program is pleased to announce educational fishing brochures (inland and marine) in both English and Spanish.
Información disponible en español relacionada con la pesca en Connecticut.
Los folletos de la pesca en aguas dulces y aguas saladas fuerón traducidos al español para la distribución a la comunidad hispana residente en Connecticut.  El objetivo de los folletos de pesca en español es para ayudar a fomentar, aumentar, y promover la participación hispana en esta actividad.
Somos afortunados en Connecticut por el gran abastecimiento de peces .  La población de Connecticut tiene la oportunidad a pescar a no más de 5 millas de su residencia.    Las aguas dulces de Connecticut le ofrece pescar peces tales como la Trucha, la Lobina, el Lucio Norteamericano, y el Panfish. Si su preferancia es pez de agua salada, las aguas de Connecticut le ofrece pesca peces tales como la Lobina Rayada, Summer Flounder, Anjona, y Porgy.  ¡Vamonos a Pescar!
Courses include discussions on where to fish, what bait to use, and safety around water.   Information on ecology and the environment also make it easier for you to find fish in the habitats they prefer.  Some courses are comprehensive and meet several times.  Others are short and may cover specific topics, like ice fishing. (A 10 minute video titled Let's Go Ice Fishing introduces viewers to ice fishing.) Summer Fishing classes are offered to kids in day camps when school is out.  CARE lessons are even taught in many school classrooms.
CARE volunteers offer instruction as a service to communities where they live and because they want to see the lifelong sport of fishing passed on to future generations!   Over 2,000 CARE Instructors have donated the teaching effort of 45 full-time employees.  CARE Instructors have taught over 165,000 people since 1986, and continue to organize classes and events for thousands of families each year.  CARE lessons are even taught in many public school classrooms.
Isn’t it time you got in on the fun?

Our Family Fishing courses cover:
CT’s sport fish species
Where to fish
Finding your own bait and how to use bait
Fishing rules and regulations
Safety around the water
Ecology and the environment   
Our Summer Fishing classes are offered to kids in day camps during July and August.
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To learn how you can become a volunteer, or for more information on courses, please call the CARE Center at 860-663-1656.
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  CARE Instructor Resources 
Family Fishing Course Agenda - 2016
CARE Instructor Guide
Family Fishing Course - Slides from the PowerPoint presentation used in the Family Fishing Course

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