DEEP: Family Fishing Day

 Family Fishing Day is Saturday May 12!

{Family fishing trip}


The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has designated Saturday May 12th as Family Fishing Day.  Get outdoors and enjoy a great day of fishing with family and friends.  Bring the kids to see the stocking trucks roll in and you can help carry buckets of fish from the trucks down to the water.

The following ponds will be stocked on Family Fishing Day.

 Beardsley Park Pond
 Valley Falls Pond
 Keney Park Pond
 Chatfield Hollow Pond  Killingworth     8:30
 Wharton Brook Pond  Wallingford   10:30
 Southford Falls Pond  Oxford     8:30
 Lake Wintergreen  New Haven   10:30


{stocking trout}

{Stocking fish at Southford Falls}

Content Last Updated May 2007