DEEP: Opening Day

 The First Real Sign of Spring: Opening Day of Fishing Season!

The 2007 fishing season opens on Saturday, April 21

{Trout stocking}

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) expects to stock nearly 400,000 trout throughout the state prior to Opening Day on April 21th, 2007.   DEP’s Inland Fisheries Division began trout stocking March 1 and will continue to stock the state's lakes and rivers right up to Opening Day. Pre-season stocking is on schedule despite some crazy March weather causing some rescheduling of stocking runs.

The following have been produced for stocking during 2007

109,000 brook trout (10-12”)        
 152,000 rainbow trout (10-12”)
384,000 brown trout (10-12”)      2,000 tiger trout (10-12”)
 15,000 brown trout (~12”)      2,500 “sea-run”tiger trout (7-9”)
 35,000 rainbow trout (>12”)      2,800 Surplus Broodstock (3-10 lbs)
  2,500 “sea-run” brown trout (4-6”)      1,000 large Survivor brown trout (12-16”)
  8,500 brown trout yearlings (7-9”)    15,000 Survivor brown trout yearlings (7-9”)

In Connecticut there are eleven Trout Parks across the State, six of which will be stocked on Opening Day.  Bring the kids to see the stocking trucks roll in and you can help us carry buckets of fish from the trucks down to the water.  It's a great chance to see the enormous smiles on the kids (and adults!) faces as they deliver the buckets of splashing water filled with lively trout down to the waters edge for release.

The DEP would like to remind all anglers 16 years of age or older that they are required to obtain a fishing license.  Licenses can be purchased at all town halls and from various vendors throughout the state. Please see the 2007 Angler's Guide for all the latest information on your favorite fishing spots, saltwater regulations and more.

{Kid fishing}

{Stocking fish at Southford Falls}

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