DEEP: How to Catch Saltwater Fish

How to Catch Saltwater Fish

Species Habitat Fishing Method Baits and Lures
Striped Bass
{Striped Bass}
Large rivers in
and fall. 
Estuaries and bays in summer.
Drifting with
live bait.
Jigging and trolling.
Bottom fishing with live or
dead bait.
Casting to fish.
Live Bait: Menhaden, eels, shiners and sand worms.
All types of swimming and diving lures, bucktail jigs, swimming baits.
Hickory Shad
{Hickory Shad}
Estuaries, bays and lower sections
of rivers and coves.
Casting to fish.
Drifting with
the tide.
Anchored over structure and channels.
Willowleaf, shard dart, kastmaster
and small jigs
with plastic bodies
  {Summer Flounder (Fluke)}
Estuaries, bays
and lower sections
of rivers.
Hard bottom and channels preferred.
Bottom fishing.
Drifting with bait.
Jigging up
and down.
Casting to fish and slowly retrieving bait/lure.
Live/dead bait (bunker, herring, mummichogs, shiners and silversides), cut squid, baited jigs, rubber worms and plastic baits.
{Scup (porgy)}
Estuaries and bays.
Rock piles/reefs.
Oyster and
mussel beds.
Pilings and jetties.
Anchored over structure.
Bottom fishing.
Fishing with live or dead bait.
Squid, conch,
sand worms, shrimp,
night crawlers.
and clams.