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Protect Endangered Species The Wildlife Division is responsible for managing wildlife resources in the State of Connecticut in order to provide stable, healthy populations of diverse wildlife species, including endangered and threatened species. This is done through educating and assisting the public on wildlife issues and managing hunting as well as hunter safety programs. Wildlife staff are responsible for conservation education/firearms safety classes, species assessment of harvested and non-harvested wildlife, habitat management, technical assistance, recreation management, public awareness, the natural history survey and the natural diversity data base, and license and permit administration.
Connecticut Wildlife Magazine
Connecticut Migratory Bird Conservation Stamp

Protect Endangered Species
The "Endangered Species/Wildlife Fund" supports Connecticutís endangered species, plants, natural area preserves, and habitats many of which are threatened, endangered, or of special concern in Connecticut. Donations to the program have benefited projects for which other funding sources might not be available and have allowed the DEEP to increase its knowledge and understanding of uncommon species in Connecticut such as bog turtles, wetland birds, bats, rare fish, dragonflies, butterflies, northern bog violets, and white-fringed orchids.

Over $739,615 has been allocated from the Fund to support 104 projects related to State endangered, threatened, or special concern species, non-harvested wildlife, and Connecticut natural areas preserves.

Individuals can contribute directly by sending a check payable to "DEEP-Endangered Species/Wildlife Fund" to: Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, Bureau of Financial and Support Services, 79 Elm Street, Hartford, CT 06106

Connecticut Wildlife Magazine
The DEEP Wildlife Divisionís 24-page, full-color  magazine is the perfect gift for those who like to stay informed about fish, wildlife, and natural resource issues and projects in Connecticut. It is your best source for fishing, hunting, wildlife, and conservation information. Every issue includes great wildlife photography, in-depth features, and natural history articles -- plus no advertising. It is published six times a year, and is available by subscription for $8 a year, $15 for two years, or $20 for three years. To receive a subscription or order a gift subscription, send a check or money order payable to: Connecticut Wildlife, P.O. Box 1550, Burlington, CT 06013-1550. Recipients of gift subscriptions will be sent a postcard to notify them of their gift.
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Protect Our Cherished Wildlife Habitat -- Purchase a CT Migratory Bird Conservation Stamp!
Migratory Bird Conservation Stamp dollars deliver results for wildlife and habitat! Migratory bird hunters are required to purchase a Connecticut stamp to participate in migratory bird hunting seasons. Other licensed hunters are encouraged to purchase a Connecticut Duck Stamp (even if they do not participate in the migratory bird hunting seasons) to show their support for the conservation and purchase of wetland habitats. Hunters can purchase stamps for $17 each wherever hunting and fishing licenses are sold: participating town clerks, participating retail agents, DEEP License and Revenue (79 Elm Street in Hartford), and through the online Sportsmen's Licensing System.
Nonhunters and others who wish to support wetland habitat protection can also purchase Connecticut stamps for $17 from the online Sportsmen's Licensing System under the "Other" category. Those who are not already licensed hunters or anglers will need to get a Conservation ID number to use the site. Stamps can also be purchased at DEEP License and Revenue in person or by sending a check for $17 to DEEP License and Revenue, 79 Elm Street, Hartford, CT 06106 (ordered stamps will be sent through the mail).

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