DEEP: Aquifer Protection Area Program Implementation Schedule

Aquifer Protection Area
Program Implementation Schedule

Below are the time frames for implementation of the aquifer protection area program, as established either by the aquifer protection land use regulations or by statute.  The time frames for municipal action then begin, as detailed below. 

Adoption of State Land Use Regulations DEP Filed with Secretary of State  (C.G.S. 22a-354i) February 2, 2004
Authorize Existing Local Board or Commission Town Within 3 Months of Adoption of State Land Use Regulations  (C.G.S. 22a-354o) May 2, 2004
Complete Land Use Inventory1 Town Within 1 Year of Authorization of a Local Commission  (C.G.S. 22a-354e) N/A completed by DEP for all municipalities in program.
Model Municipal Regulations DEP Completed (C.G.S. 22a-354l) June 1, 2005
Prepare Final (Level A) Mapping2 Water Utility Within 3 Years of Publication of Model Municipal Ordinance (C.G.S. 22a-354c and 354z) June 1, 2008
Delineate Aquifer Protection Area Boundary on Zoning Map Town Within 4 months of DEP notice of Mapping Approval (R.C.S.A 22a-354i-2) varies3
Adopt Municipal Aquifer Protection Area Regulations Town Within 6 Months of DEP notice of Mapping Approval  (C.G.S. 22a-354o) varies3
Register Existing Regulated Activities Town or DEP Within 6 months of Adoption of Municipal Aquifer Protection Area Regulations (R.C.S.A. 22a-354i-7(b)) varies3

1DEP has completed inventories for towns using federal funds from the Safe Drinking Water Act, so the towns will not be required to do this.
2Subject to DEP Commissioner approval
3The requirement for municipalities to delineate the aquifer protection area boundary and adopt municipal land use regulations are triggered by the completion of Final (Level A) mapping by the water company.  The deadlines for completing the final mapping are set by publication of the model municipal ordinance.  Some water companies have already completed the final mapping (ahead of the deadline), some are in the process of mapping, and some have not yet started, so not all municipalities will be required to implement the program at the same time it is dependant upon the timing of the mapping.

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