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Connecticut is now a "range confident" state! If you are out shopping, driving to work, or traveling around the state, a charge is always within reach. Use the maps below to locate the nearest publicly accessible EV charging station or hydrogen refueling station.


Connecticut Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
{Connecticut Electric Vehicle Charging Station Map Logo}

CT has over 400 publicly accessible EV charging stations and the network is still expanding. This map indicates up-to-date locations of publicly accessible EV charging stations in CT and includes a list of all the public charging stations. This map is updated periodically as new publicly accessible charging stations come on-line.

Download Map (pdf, March 2017)

U.S. DOE Alternative Fueling Station List
{Dept. of Energy Alternative Fueling Station List Logo}

Going on a road trip? Use this interactive map to locate alternative fueling station locations along your route through CT and the rest of the United States. This map inlcludes electric vehicle charging stations and hydrogen refueling stations along with other alternative fueling options.

This map is updated on an ongoing basis. Provided by the U.S. Department of Energy.

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Content Last Updated: June 26, 2017