DEEP: Connecticut Clean Diesel Plan August 17, 2005 Technology Forum

Diesel Emission Reduction Policy
Technology and Clean Fuels Forum
CT Diesel Plan Special Act 05-07

August 17, 2005
Legislative Office Building Room 2E
Hartford, CT

Welcome, Commissioner Gina McCarthy

Overview of the Agenda, Paul Farrell, Supervising Environmental Analyst, DEP

U.S. EPA, National and Regional Diesel Reduction Efforts, (PDF 0.9 MB) Lucy Edmondson, Transportation Policy Analyst, EPA Region 1

NESCAUM Regional Case Studies and Projects for CT to Consider, (PDF 0.9 MB) Coralie Cooper, Transportation Program Manager

Health Effects of Diesel, Michael Stoddard, Deputy Director, Environment Northeast (moderator)

Margaret Harvey, (PDF 0.3 MB) Epidemiologist, CT Department of Public Health

David Brown, Sc.D., (PDF 0.2 MB) Public Health Toxicologist, CFE, and Environment & Human Health, Inc.

Diesel Reduction Program Options: Examples from Texas and California, (PDF 0.2 MB) Rob Klausmeier, President, de la Torre Klausmeier Consulting, Inc.

Program and Policy Implementation Options, (PDF 0.2 MB) Madeleine Weil, Policy Analyst, Environment Northeast

Innovative Tax Incentives for Upgrading Fleets, Michael Riley, President, Motor Transport Association of Connecticut

Purchasing Options, (PDF 0.2 MB) Barbara Moser, Environmentally Preferable Purchasing, Department of Administrative Services

Diesel Technology Options, Faith Gavin-Kuhn, Director of Public Information, CCIA (moderator)

Ed Hall, Cummins Metropower

Jennifer Kain, (PDF 6.2 MB) Sales and Marketing Manager, Fleetguard Emissions Solutions

Joe Suchecki, (PDF 0.3 MB) Director of Public Affairs, Engine Manufacturers Association and Scott W.Van DeWeghe, (PDF 3.7  MB) On Highway Engine Business Manager, HO Penn

Dr. Alex Gorel, (PDF 0.7 MB) Technical Director, STT Emtec, Inc.

Bryan Murach, (PDF 2.5  MB) Product Manager-Transportation,UTC Fuel Cells

Glen Reid, (PDF1.4 MB) Vice-President of Sales and Marketing, Clean Diesel Technologies

Michelle Bellamy, (PDF 0.3 MB) Market Development, Engine Control Systems

Sean Failla, (PDF 1.1 MB) President, New England Environmental Services, Inc. ECO-Systems

TJ Tarabulski, (PDF 1.0  MB) Product Manager, Combustion Components Associates, Inc.

Clean Fuel Options, Paul Farrell, Supervising Environmental Analyst, DEP (moderator)

James Peeples, (PDF 0.7 MB) Executive Vice-President, O2 Diesel

Steven Levy, (PDF 2.5 MB) Managing Director, New Business Development, Sprague Energy

Peter Polubiatko, (PDF 0.4 MB) Coordinator, Norwich Clean Cities

Karl Radune, (PDF 0.4 MB) Owner, DTW, LLC