DEEP: Clean Fuels

Clean Fuels

The EPA has the authority to regulate fuels and fuel additives under the Clean Air Act.  The states rely on EPA's expertise in this area to ensure products receive the necessary technical and health-based reviews.  EPA Regulations require that each manufacturer or importer of gasoline, diesel fuel, or a fuel additive, have its product registered by the EPA prior to its introduction into commerce.  Registration involves providing a chemical description of the product and certain technical, marketing and health-effects information.  This allows EPA to identify the likely combustion and evaporative emissions.  In certain cases, health-effects testing is required for a product to maintain its registration or before a new product can be registered.  EPA uses this information to identify products whose emissions may pose an unreasonable risk to public health, warranting further investigation and/or regulation.

EPA Diesel Fuel Regulations

EPA Fuel Quality Standards

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