DEEP: Notice to Lobster and Conch Pot Fishermen

Notice to Lobster and Conch Pot Fishermen
April 24, 2018
Subject: Long Island Sound Trawl Survey – Spring 2018
Posted on the website are maps showing the locations of CT DEEP monthly trawl survey sites to be sampled during spring 2018 from the research vessel John Dempsey.  Lines on the map give the direction and distance of each tow.  For the approximate start and end of each tow, please refer to the tables using the reference number for each tow printed on the map.  The tables have the reference number, LORAN TDs & Lat/Lon coordinates at the start and end of each tow, trawl survey site number, and description of the tow (for example: East-West Tow).  Although the U.S. Coast Guard ceased broadcasting Loran TDs in February 2010, we continue to provide the historical TDs for most tows for the convenience of those more familiar with that coordinate system. However, research tows are now conducted using the Latitude and Longitude coordinates.
The posting includes site maps and tables for the spring 2018 Long Island Sound Trawl Survey.  THIS WILL BE YOUR ONLY NOTICE FOR THE SPRING SURVEY.  Check the maps for each month to see the dates the trawl surveys are scheduled to occur.  A notice for the fall 2018 survey will be mailed at a later date.
This Notice, along with the maps and tables, are posted on the DEEP website as a PDF document (go to and select COMMERCIAL in the left column, then select the link for Monthly Trawl Survey Maps).
We are providing this information in order to avoid accidental disturbance of your gear and to maintain the integrity of our survey so that we can continue to provide the best possible monitoring of the Sound’s fishery resources.  For this effort to be successful we need your cooperation by removing any gear you have within one micro second to either side of the survey line for the duration of each month’s survey. Provided gear is set in an orderly fashion and marked with surface buoys, this space -- about 1,000 ft -- is an adequate width for towing the net used in our survey.
Your cooperation in providing a clear path for sampling is greatly appreciated.  This survey continues to provide information needed for assessments of Long Island Sound fish and lobster resources.
Each month, the survey is expected to begin in the east and progress westward.  It generally takes 10-12 days of good weather (each month) to complete the survey.  You can reach R/V John Dempsey on VHF CH 16 & 13 anytime the vessel is on the water.  The crew can tell you at any time during the survey period what sites have been done and approximately when sites in a given area will be sampled.  We hope this communication can minimize the amount of time your gear will have to be moved.
Again, we appreciate your cooperation.  Please contact Justin Davis at the Marine Fisheries Office in Old Lyme, CT (860-434-6043) if you have questions on the survey or the schedule for sampling in your area.