DEEP: Notice to Commercial Fishermen

Notice to Commercial Fishermen

April 27, 2012


Section 26-159a-6. Use of commercial fishing gear.

No person shall use, set or tend any otter trawl, beam trawl, sink or anchored gillnet in the following areas of Long Island Sound:

1. Falkner Island Gear Restricted Area. An area approximately 22.5 square miles within a rectangle whose four corners are:

      a. 41 12.5, -72 43.5 (northwest); b. 41 12.5, -72 36 (northeast)
      c. 41 09.5, -72 43.5 (southwest); d. 41 09.5, -72 36 (southeast)

2. Connecticut River Mouth Gear Restricted Area. An area approximately 9 square miles within a rectangle whose four corners are:
      a. 41 16, -72 23.5 (northwest); b. 41 16, -72 19 (northeast) 
      c. 41 14, -72 23.5 (southwest); d. 41 14, -72 19 (southeast)

These Gear Restricted Areas, totaling 31.5 square miles, have been created to protect known concentrations of Atlantic sturgeon, which were listed as endangered under the federal Endangered Species Act (ESA) effective April 6, 2012. The restriction on fishing in these areas applies only to trawl gear and "sink" or anchored gillnets as these gears have the greatest potential to cause serious injury or loss of an Atlantic sturgeon. These areas remain OPEN to hook and line fishing, surface drifting gillnets as may be used to take menhaden for bait, and all other permitted fishing gears and activity.

Additional information on the Atlantic Sturgeon Conservation Gear Restricted Areas is available on our web site: by clicking on "Commercial" on the left side of the page.

For more information on Atlantic sturgeon and ESA listing, please see the NOAA Protected Resources Division web site:

{Map of commercial fishing ristrictions for sturgeon}

{commercial fishing area restrictions Falkner Island for Sturgeon}

For current commercial fishery trip limits see:

For further information, contact the DEEP Marine Fisheries Division by email at  by mail at PO Box 719, Old Lyme, CT 06371 or by telephone at 860.434.6043 between the hours of 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday.

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