DEEP: National Marine Fisheries Service Announces Sea Turtle Observer Requirement Including LIS Fisheries

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National Marine Fisheries Service
Announces Sea Turtle Observer Requirement
Including Long Island Sound Fisheries

NOAA's National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) recently published the 2010 Annual Determination for the Sea Turtle Observer Requirement in the Federal Register (75 FR 27649, May 18, 2010). The Annual Determination identified fisheries that will be required to take fishery observers upon NMFS' request to learn more about sea turtle interactions in a given fishery, evaluate existing measures to reduce or prevent prohibited sea turtle interactions, and to determine whether additional measures to protect sea turtles may be necessary. The Annual Determination has identified three fisheries in the Connecticut waters of Long Island Sound: inshore gillnet, bottom trawl and American lobster pot fisheries, as having the potential to take turtles and therefore will be required to carry an observer if requested.

The NMFS identified these fisheries based on findings that they operate in the same waters and at the same times that sea turtles are present; they operate at the same time or prior to elevated sea turtle strandings, or because incidental takes of sea turtles have been documented or reported in these or similar fisheries. If selected to carry an observer, you will be contacted by the contracted observer provider by email, telephone, or letter.

If you have questions or would like more information on the 2010 Annual Determination, please contact Ellen Keane at or 978-282-8476. Information about the Annual Determination and Sea Turtle Observer Rule can also be found at:

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