DEEP: Council and Board Set 2010 Specifications

Council and Board Set 2010 Specifications

August 14, 2009

The Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council and the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission's (ASMFC) Summer Flounder, Scup, Black Sea Bass, and Bluefish Boards (Board) met in Alexandria, VA last week and achieved consensus on their recommendations to National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) regarding proposed fishing regulations for 2010.  The table below summarizes those recommendations:


Total Allowable Landings(millions of pounds)




Summer Flounder




up to 3%





up to 3%

Black Sea Bass




up to 3%





up to 3%

The Council and Board voted to increase the 2010 summer flounder total allowable landings (TAL) to 22.13 million pounds, an increase of 3.68 million pounds when compared to the 2009 quota level.  This would yield a commercial quota of 13.28 million pounds and a recreational harvest limit of 8.85 million pounds for the 2010 fishing year if approved by NMFS.  This recommendation was consistent with the Scientific and Statistical Committee's (SSC's) acceptable biological catch (ABC) recommendation.

For the 2010 scup fishery both the Council and Board recommended a TAL of 13.50 million pounds, an increase of 2.32 million pounds when compared to 2009.  The commercial sector would have a quota of 10.53 million pounds and the recreational sector would have a harvest limit of 2.97 million pounds.  This recommendation was consistent with the SSC's ABC recommendation.

For the 2010 black sea bass fishery it was recommended by both the Council and Board that the TAL remain at the status quo level, i.e., 2.30 million pounds.   This recommendation provides for a commercial quota of 1.13 million pounds and a recreational harvest limit of 1.17 million pounds.  This recommendation was also consistent with the SSC's ABC recommendation. 

The Council and Board adopted a TAL of 29.26 million pounds for bluefish for 2010 which is a small decrease from the 2009 quota of 29.36 million pounds.  Under the current fishery management plan (FMP), the commercial fishery would be allocated 4.97 million pounds and 24.29 million pounds would be allocated to the recreational sector.  Later this year when recreational landings are available, a transfer from the recreational sector of up to 5.39 million pounds could occur which would increase the commercial sector's initial TAL of 4.97 million pounds.  In recent years recreational landings have increased, but the overall TAL for the fishery has not been exceeded.  This TAL recommendation was consistent with the SSC's ABC recommendation.

For all four species addressed during this specification meeting, a Research Set-Aside (RSA) quota of up to 3% was approved for each 2010 fishery.  RSA quota allocations will reduce the above TALs and related allocations, and will be adjusted as appropriate for 2010 prior to the start of the new fishing year.

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