DEEP: Water
Watershed Management
 CTs Watershed Management Program
 Farmington River Municipal Land Use Evaluation
  Farmington River Municipal Land Use Evauation, development of revisions to current land use ordinances to encourage the use of Low Impact Development.
 Funding Sources for Watershed and Stormwater Projects
  Grant loan and funding sources for watershed and stormwater projects.
 Links to Best Management Practices to Address Waters Impaired by High Indicator Bacteria
  links to best management practices for reducing pathogens and indicator bacteria
 Low Impact Development and Green Infrastructure: Municipal Outreach
 Upcoming Watershed Events and Grant Deadlines
  List of watershed events and grant grant dealines.
 Watershed Based Plans
  Watershed based plans, and watershed management plans, planning for water quality restoration and protection.
 Watershed Management
 Watershed Management - Overview
 Watershed Management - Related Links
 Watershed Management Plans and Documents
  download watershed management plans in pdf format