DEEP: Remediation / Site Clean Up
Remediation / Site Clean Up
General Info
 Current Projects
 Frequently Asked Questions
 Legislative Summaries
  Summarizes legislation regarding programs administered by the Remediation Division.
 List of Contaminated or Potentially Contaminated Sites in Connecticut
 Remediation / Site Clean-Up
 Remediation Districts
 Remediation Division Contacts
 Remediation Forms
  Provides the user with a list of forms that are applicable to Remediation Division programs.
 Remediation Roundtable
  An open forum for the exchange of ideas and information about site cleanup in Connecticut.
 Remediation Roundtable Agenda
  Agenda,schedule, and presentations of the Remediation Roundtable.
 Site Clean-up Info for General Public/Homeowners
 Site Clean-up Information for Business and Industry, Municipalities, and Environmental Professionals
 Transmittal of Documents
  submit reports electronically and hardcopy