DEEP: Reduce Reuse Recycle
Reduce Reuse Recycle
 Collection Locations for Residential Electronics
 CT Electronic Recycling Law
  In July of 2007, Governor Rell signed into law “An Act Concerning The Collection And Recycling Of Covered Electronic Devices”. This law enables Connecticut to manage an ever-growing portion of the solid waste stream.
 CT Electronic Recycling Law, FAQ's
  What are the "covered electronic devices" under the law? Covered electronic devices (CEDs), regulated under the law, are computers, computer monitors, printers and televisions generated from households.
 CT Electronic Recycling Law, E-waste Advisory Group
  The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (Department) formed an external workgroup to provide advice and guidance to the Department in developing regulations to implement Connecticut’s E-waste recycling law.
 CT Electronic Recycling Law, Requirements for Manufacturers
  In July, 2007, Governor Rell signed into law Public Act No. 07-189. This act creates a mandatory recycling program for discarded covered electronic devices (CEDs). Under the law, manufacturers must participate in a program to finance the transportation and recycling of CEDs.
  Electronics, especially TVs and computers represent an increasingly large percentage of our trash and should be recycled because they contain hazardous materials and recyclable components.
 Municipal Guidance for Compliance with Requirements of Connecticut’s E-waste Recycling Law
 Requirements for E-Waste Recyclers
  What Covered Electronics Recyclers should know about complying with the CT E-Waste Law.