DEEP: Pesticides and PCBs
Pesticides and PCBs
 Arborist Examination Reference Materials
 Commercial Arborist License

Business Registration
 Pesticide Business Registration

Operator Certification
 Pesticide Operator Certification
 Pesticide Operator Exam Schedule

 Ant Management
  Once established, ants can be extremely difficult to get rid of. Not only are they a nuisance, but some ants—particularly the carpenter ant—can be destructive to your home.
 Cockroach Management
  Roaches are one of the most common household pests. Once they move into your home, they multiply quickly and can become a huge pest problem.
 Homeowner IPM Structural Checklist
  IPM Checklist for the homeowner
 Integrated Pest Management
 IPM Guidance
  The Pesticide Manageme Program has developed model IPM plans for the most common categories of commerical pest management. Bid specifications for commercial pest control contracts are also available.
 Rodent Management
  Rats and mice are one of the most bothersome pests. They spread disease, such as rabies, ratbite fever, hantavirus and food poisoning. They contaminate food and living areas with their urine, droppings and hair. They can often cause significant damage to structures stored goods and wiring because they can gnaw through wood, plaster, plastic and soft metals.

 Common Uses of PCB's
 History of Connecticut's PCB Program
 PCB Capacitors in Gasoline Pumps
 PCB Complaints
 PCB's & Submersible Well Pumps
 PCB's - General Information
 Removal, Storage, and Disposal of PCB Small Capacitors Guide

Pesticide Certification General
 Pesticide Certification/Licensing
 Pesticide Related Links

Pesticides General
 Annual Summaries - Pesticide Use for Aquatic Applications and Mosquito Control
  Annual summaries on the amount of pesticides used in aquatic applications and for mosquito control in storm drains and water conveyances within the coastal area.
 Other Sources of Pesticide Information
  There are a number of additional websites and other resources for pesticide information.
 Pesticide Control Statutes Clarification
 Pesticide Management Program
 Pesticide Product Registration Requirements
 Pre-Notification of Pesticide Application to Abutting Property
 Public Comments for Candlewood Lake
  Public comments DEEP has received regarding the town of New Fairfield's proposed use of pesticides to control milfoil and algae at Candlewood Lake.

Private Applicator Certification
 Pesticide Private Applicator Certification
 Private Applicators Recertification Meetings

Supervisor Certification
 Agricultural Pest Control Certification Information
 Aquatic Weed Control Certification Information
 General Pest Control (Indoor) Certification Information
 Golf Course Superintendent Certification
 How Poisonous Are Pesticides
 Interior Plantscape Certification
 Mosquito and Biting Fly Pest Control Certification
 Ornamental and Turf Certification Information
 Pesticide Supervisory Exam Schedule
 Pesticide Supervisory On-line Training Courses
 Right of Way Pest Control Certification
 Rodent Control Certification
 Study Material for Pesticides Examinations
 Supervisory Pesticide Certification
 Supervisory Recertification Meetings
 Termite Control Specialist Information
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