DEEP: Forestry
Urban Forestry
 Arboreta in Connecticut
 Benefits of Urban Wood Utilization
  Urban wood utilization brings economic, environmental and social benefits to the community.
 Character Wood
  Because of its unique aesthetic qualities, most urban lumber is considered “character wood”.
 Connecticut Tree Wardens
  A summary of key information regarding Connecticut's tree wardens, plus an interactive map to assist people in contacting local tree wardens
 Connecticut's Tree Cities USA
  Tree City USA is a program of the Arbor Day Foundation. It helps local communities celebrate their successes in maintaining their municipality's urban forest.
 DEEP Tree Planting Grants and the Inspection of Newly Planted Trees
  When assessing trees newly-planted under DEEP tree planting grants, DEEP Forestry inspectors will evaluate a number of items.
 Firewood from Urban Trees
  Firewood can be a great outlet for wood generated by the removal and pruning of urban trees.
 Laws and Regulations Regarding Connecticut Trees
 Non-Profit Urban Forest Organizations
  Non-profit organizations are of large significance in the development and management of the urban forest across Connecticut.
 Reasons for the Removal of Urban Trees
  Storm blowdowns, natural mortality, severe insect and disease damage, construction activities, and many other circumstances are potential causes for urban trees removal.
 Roadside Tree Planting and Maintenance: Whom to Contact
  How to determine who has jurisdiction alongside a road within Connecticut - the tree warden or DOT?
 Solid Sawn Wood: Problems and Options
  Several alternatives can help to overcome the problems typical of sawn urban wood.
 The Benefits of Trees
  The benefits of an urban forest ecosystem are both complex and diverse. The urban forest provides countless social and environmental benefits.
 The Hotchkiss School Woodchip Central Facility
  The Hotchkiss School in Lakeville, CT has replaced their old oil-burning heat system with a Biomass Heating Facility
 The Urban Forestry Program
 Tree Identification
  Tree identification can provide countless benefits including the fun and satisfaction that comes from knowing individual trees.
 Tree Inventories
  Having an inventory of trees in public places provides decision makers with information needed on the care and control of the urban forest.
 Tree Planting and Maintenance
  Planting and maintenance for urban forestry is critical for the future of the Connecticut landscape.
 Trees and Urban Forests: Learn More
  Learn more about urban forestry and related topics including tree planting, tree care and tree laws.
 Trees and Utilities
  Trees and the electric distribution system in Connecticut must coexist for the benefit of the citizens of Connecticut
 Urban Forest Inventory and Analysis
  Urban Forestry Inventory and Analysis, or UFIA, is a new program on the part of the USDA Forest Service that will, over time, provide an enormous amount of information about Connecticut's urban forests, including condition, trends, changes and ownership.
 Urban Forestry for Municipalities
 Urban Wood for Energy
  Wood residue from urban trees has exceptional potential as a source of biomass for thermal energy.
 Urban Wood Utilization
  Urban wood utilization in Connecticut can bring economic and environmental benefits to the community.
 Wood Particles
  Chips, flakes, sawdust and other wood particles are common products of urban trees.
 Woodchips for Greenhouse Heating
  Systems for sustainable year-round farming in Connecticut include woodchip burners as main source for heating.