DEEP: Forestry
Forestry General
 About My Woods - Mobile App
  About My Woods is a free mobile app that provides location-specific information about the forest and connects users to professional resources.
 Contacting the Forestry Division
 Fire Protection and Control Videos
  Videos about hand line construction and dry hydrants.
  An overview of 3 different programs relating to firewood - firewood tips, firewood program on state forests and don't move firewood.
 Forest Assessment
  Description of the Forest Assessment Roundtables and an encouragement of public participation.
 Forest Practice Temporary Task Force
 Forest Practices Advisory Board
 Forest Resource Plan
 Forestry Articles in CT Wildlife Magazine
 Forestry Publications
  A list of publications available through DEEP Division of Forestry
 Ice Storm Response
  Guidance on ice storm response for municipalites, homeowners and woodlot owners.
 Sugarhouse Video