DEEP: Emergency Response Spill Prevention/UST
Emergency Response Spill Prevention/UST
UST General
 Energy Policy Act Requirements
  Annual update to the Public Record of USTs including operational compliance rates.
 Financial Responsibility Notice
 Operator Training Notice
 Secondary Containment Notice
 Underground Storage Tank Program Changes Notice
 Underground Storage Tank Regulation Summary
 Underground Storage Tanks
 Underground Storage Tanks Serving Five or More Residential Units
 UST - Red Tag Program
  Under the Red Tag Program, if the Commissioner determines that one or more of certain violations exist at a UST system, she may place a notice on or disable the system and require the tank contents to be pumped out until the violations are corrected
 UST Closure Sampling and Analytical Methods
 UST Notice of Violation
  The CT UST NOV Compliance office has identified commonly observed ust violations and the appropriate corrective actions.
 UST Operator Training
  August 8, 2012 deadline for all existing UST facilities to designate certified class A, B and C operators.
 UST Operator Training FAQs
  Frequently asked questions concerning the UST Operator Training Certifications.
 UST Registration, Compliance & Release Prevention
 UST Regulations - Revisions
  The federal Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPAct) required that states receiving federal funding enact certain requirements and meet certain guidelines by specified dates. Among these requirements and guidelines are Secondary Containment requirements and Operator Training requirements.
 UST Release Prevention Fact Sheet
 UST- Compliance Inspection Program
  The primary goal of the UST Inspection Process is to promote compliance with the UST Regulations and Statutes in order to protect human health and the environment from potential hazards associated with leaks, spills, and releases from underground storage tanks.