DEEP: Boating
 Boating Safety
  Although there are inherent risks in virtually any sport, a well-educated boater who uses common sense and courtesy on the water contributes to everyone's safety and enjoyment.
 Canoe Safety
 Homeland Security
 If Found Sticker
  The "If Found" sticker for manually propelled and other non-registered boats was designed to help save lives, recover missing property, and reduce the time, effort and resources expended on non-emergency search and rescues.
 Marine VHF Radio: The Basics
 Personal Flotation Devices
 Ready, Set, Wear It!
  "Ready, Set, Wear It" is all about raising awareness about the importance of wearing a life jacket while having a little fun along the way!
 Safe Waterskiing Endorsement
  Information about who needs a safe waterskiing endorsement in Connecticut and how to get one.
 Teak Surfing and Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
 Trailering Safety