DEEP: Boating
General Information
 Abandoned Boats
  Public Act 14-57 - An Act Concerning Abandoned Vessels becomes effective on January 1, 2015.
 Applying for SBC, CPWO, Temporary and Duplicate Certificates
  How do I apply for my SBC or CPWO?
 Better Boating in Connecticut
  Better Boating in CT shows about fun, safe and clean boating.
 Beverly's Marina
  DEEP is working to purchase the Beverly’s Marina property.
 Boat Launches / Access / Transient Slips
  Find CT DEEP owned and/or operated boat launches statewide on ponds, lakes, rivers and Long Island Sound, BIG Funded transient slips made available to the public for vessel over 26ft. and Coastal Access Points.
 Boat Registration
  Connecticut law requires that all boats with motors, regardless of size, and sailboats powered by sail alone, 19 1/2 feet or longer in length, be registered and numbered before launching.
 Boat Registration/ Abandoned Boats
 Boating Education / Certification /Videos
 Boating Federal Regulations
  Under House Bill 5806, the following federal regulations are incorporated by reference into Connecticut boating statutes.
 Boating Frequently Asked Questions
 Boating Legislation
  House Bill 5806 - an Act Concerning Boating Safety - would amend CT boating statutes to incorporate by reference federal safety, navigation lighting and equipment requirements, to hold a person in control of a boat or personal watercraft responsible for permitting a person under sixteen years of age to operate a boat or personal watercraft without a safe boating certificate or certificate of personal watercraft operation, to authorize the Department of Environmental Protection to penalize persons teaching unapproved boating courses, to define the term "boat livery" and place certain restrictions on persons who rent and persons who operate rental boats.
 BOATS Program
  In an effort to thank the boater for taking the time to be further educated about boating safety, each boat operator is given a BOATS packet that contains coupons or other branded items that boaters will find useful.
 Candlewood Lake
  In July of 2009, the Connecticut General Assembly passed Special Act 09-12, requiring the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to make recommendations concerning the maximum boat length and motor size permitted on Candlewood Lake.
 Cleaning Tips For Your Boat
  For most invasive species, you can use hot or salt water to clean your equipment.
 Connecticut Boaters Guide
 Connecticut Coastal Boater Endorsement Program
  Boaters desiring to travel in coastal waters should seek advanced courses in navigation. Boaters should be confident in their vessel and their handling skills.
 Contact the Boating Division
 DEEP Processing Offices
  DEEP Processing Offices for Safe Boating Certificates (SBC) and Certificates of Personal Watercraft Operation (CPWO).
 Displaced Boats - Information for Municipal Officials
  The following steps should be used, by municipal officials, for vessels that may have been displaced because of Storm Sandy.
  Frequently asked questions about CT Transient Boating Facilities funded by the Boating Infrastructure Grant.
 FAQs Boat Launches
  Frequently asked questions about Connecticut's State Boat Launches.
 FAQs Boating Accidents
  Frequently asked questions about boating accidents.
 FAQs Certification
  Frequently asked questions about obtaining a boating certificate.
  Frequently asked questions about Connecticut's pumpout facilities.
  Frequently asked questions about hull identification numbers
 FAQs-Safe Waterskiing Endorsement
  Frequently asked questions about Connecticut's Safe Waterskiing Endorsement.
 Forms/ Publications/ Policy Statements
 Grant Programs
  Boating related Grant Program information
 How to get a certificate to operate
  How to get a certificate to operate a vessel or personal watercraft, jet ski, sea doo, wave runner
 Latest News
  Find latest news about recreational boating
 Laws / Requirements / Permits
 Marine Event Permits
 Navigation Marker Permit
  A permit is required to mark a navigation channel with buoys or beacons (signs).
 Operation Dry Water
  Operation Dry Water is a coordinated, national weekend of Boating Under the Influence (BUI) detection and enforcement aimed at reducing the number of alcohol-related accidents and fatalities.
 Preparing Your Boat for A Hurricane
  By now you have probably made the decision to pull your boat or secure it at your dock or marina. There is still time to take some extra precautions.
 Proposed Boating Regulations
  Proposed Connecticut Boating regulations.
  On June 29, 2010 Governor M. Jodi Rell christened a new boating safety education vessel, naming the 19-foot boat, Prudence.
 Pumpout Facilities / Clean Boating Information
  Information on Connecticut's pumpout facilities, Clean Boater Program, Clean Marina Program, Clean Vessel Act Program, aquatic invasive species and CT's no discharge area.
 Regulatory Marker Permit
  A permit is required to place any swim area, speed zone, danger area, or information markers, i.e. buoys or beacons (signs).
 Related Links / Information
  Links to information related to boating in Connecticut.
 Reporting Boating Accidents
 Storm Sandy - Missing and Found Boats
  How to report missing and/or found boats.
 Storm Sandy - Pumpout Facilities
  Boaters should still be able to get a pumpout for their vessels
 Water Ski Slalom Course or Jump Permit
  A permit is required to install a water ski slalom course or jump.
 Weather / Tides / Streamflows
  Connecticut marine tides, currents, weather, watches, warnings, advisories, sunrise, streamflows and sunset information.
 Where to Go Boating in Connecticut
 Who Needs a Certifcate?
  Who needs a certificate to operate a registered boat in CT?