CTCDD: Proposal Review Meeting 3-28-17

Proposal Review Meeting 3-28-17


CT Council on Developmental Disabilities

Proposal Review Committee

March 28, 2017


Present:  Ann Gionet, Shelagh McClure, Council Chair; Patty Richardson, Jim Rosen

Not Present:  Alicia Kucharczyk, Chair

Staff: Donna Devin


1. There is a need to get protocol in place for mini grants. This


  • The maximum amount of the grant
  • What the grants will be available for
  • How often they will be available


Mini grants would be available for smaller amounts, with less paperwork requirements for them than for larger grants. The goal is to have multiple grants for small amounts.


2. The Five Year Plan states the Council will train 150 in self-direction. The Committee needs to consider what type of deliverables they would want from the group doing the training. They are developing a list of what they would need for these training sessions and what that would entail, and what would they expect from these presentations. There would be materials that individuals can take away, and there would need to be a follow-up conducted with trainees.


The Committee was provided with the name of an individual they could reach out to, who is very experienced in this type of planning.


The team hopes to have an initial phase session conducted in May, and another in September of the following year. The goal is to solicit this product and see what we get.


3. The meeting adjourned at 11:13 AM.

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