CTCDD: Policy Meeting 2-15-17

Policy Meeting 2-15-17

Legislative Policy and Planning Committee

(Conference Call)


Connecticut Council on Developmental Disabilities Minutes

Wednesday, February 15, 2017



Members Present:  Joyce Lewis, Chair; Shelagh McClure, Council Chair; Chris Blake, Council Vice Chair


Absent: Sergio Rodriguez, Vice Chair; Danielle Webber


Recorder of Minutes:  Donna Devin


The meeting was called to order at 1:03 PM.


  1. Testimony for Bills before the Legislature:  Shelagh McClure, Council Chair, has filed testimony on 3 bills on behalf of the Council and has composed a draft of testimony for an additional bill.

    The bills for which testimony is being submitted are:

            Raised S.B. No. 802 Bill requiring workers' compensation coverage for personal care attendants in the Community First Choice program. The Council is in favor of the bill.

              Raised H.B. No. 7032 Technical bill regarding 2 changes to the ABLE Act statute. The Council approves of the bill.

              Raised H.B. No. 7021 Bill would establish a Task Force to study transportation issues facing persons with disabilities, senior citizens and veterans. The Council supports this bill.

              Governor's H.B. No. 7027 The Governor's proposed budget eliminates all funding for the Centers for Independent Living (CILS). The Council opposes the bill.


    Other bills of interest to the Council are being tracked by the LPP Committee and will be discussed at future meetings.

    Joyce Lewis, Chair, will send Shelagh McClure, Council Chair, bullet points she can use to craft testimony pertaining to one of the bills being watched. If there is a bill that is a better approach to some of the issues and outcomes the group is concerned about, she will bring it to Shelagh's attention.

  2. Follow Up:  Shelagh McClure, Council Chair; suggested that the group touch base again in a couple of weeks for an update.
  1. Adjourn:  The conference call ended at 1:40 PM.

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