CTCDD: Membership Meeting 1-10-17

Membership Meeting 1-10-17

Connecticut Council on Developmental Disabilities


January 10, 2017

Beth El Temple

2626 Albany Avenue, West Hartford CT

 12:38-12:52 PM


Members Present: Chair, Jackie Jamison; Ada Suarez (newly elected Vice-Chair); Ellyn Little


Staff:  Cathy Adamczyk



1. Committee Chair, Jackie Jamison started the meeting at 12:38, and introductions were made.


2. Jackie made a motion to add the election of a new Vice-Chair to the agenda, since Michelle Johnson, the previous Vice-Chair, has retired from the Council.  Ada Suarez seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.


3. Ada Suarez was selected as the new Vice-Chair of the Council.
4. John Gumble and Kevin Daly resigned from the Council, so there are 2 self-advocate positions available.  The vacancies will be promoted via the following:
  1. DD Council website/Council members’ websites
  2. Office of Protection and Advocacy’s website
  3. DD Council Facebook/Council members’ Facebook
  4. DD Council E-mail lists, including the Cross-Disability Alliance and Partners lists/Council members’ list serves
The applications will be due no later than February 10, 2017.  Interviews will be held on February 28, 2017 at the Office of Protection and Advocacy.


5. The meeting was adjourned at 12:52.


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