CTCDD: CTCDD Meeting 11-15-16

CTCDD Meeting 11-15-16

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CT Council on Developmental Disabilities


November 11, 2016, 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Temple Beth El, 2626 Albany Avenue, West Hartford, CT



The 204th meeting of the CT Council on Developmental Disabilities was held on Tuesday, November 15, 2016 from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM at Temple Beth El in West Hartford, CT.

Presiding:  Shelagh McClure, Chair

Recorder of Minutes:  Donna Devin

Members Present:  Chris Blake, Vice Chair; April Burke, Michelle Chase, Ann Gionet, Gary Gross, James Hexter, Jackie Jamison, Joyce Lewis, Ellyn Little, Shelagh McClure, Megan O’Neill, Patricia Richardson, Sergio Rodriguez, James Rosen, Michael Scanlon, Brenda Stenglein, Ada Suarez, Kathy Wolkner

Members Absent:   Kevin Daly, John Gumble, Alicia Kucharczyk, Margaret McDermott, Robin Wood

Staff:  Molly Cole, Cathy Adamczyk

Meeting Assistants:  Tiffanie Allain, Ellen Mathis, Jennifer Raymond

Guest:  Michelle Baughman

Call to Order:  Shelagh McClure, Chair, called the meeting to order at 10:04 AM.


1. Welcome and Introductions:  Shelagh McClure, Chair, greeted everyone and asked returning Council members to introduce themselves to 3 of the 4 new Council members in attendance. The new Council members are Gary Gross, John Gumble, Ellyn Little and Michael Scanlon. 


2. Approval of Agenda:  Sergio Rodriguez motioned to approve the agenda. April Burke seconded the motion. Patricia Richardson abstained.


3. Approval of Minutes from 9/13/16:  Shelagh McClure, Chair, pointed out an error in section 8 of the Council meeting minutes from September 13, 2016. This section addresses  the CT Superior Court decision, Connecticut Coalition for Justice in Education Funding v. Rell (CCJEF v. Rell).  The last sentence indicates the Council allowed the Executive Committee to respond to the ruling on their behalf. In actuality, it was decided the State Agency Representatives would confer with the heads of their agencies to find out what actions they were taking in opposition to the ruling. The outcome of these conversations would be reported at the next Council meeting.


Shelagh McClure, Chair, asked for a motion to adopt the minutes. Sergio Rodriguez moved to adopt the minutes. Megan O'Neill seconded the motion.
Shelagh McClure, Chair, then opened a discussion on the draft minutes and asked the Council for an amendment to them. Shelagh McClure, Chair, recommended striking the final sentence in section 8 of the minutes from the September 13, 2016 meeting, and replacing it with "State Agency Representatives were asked to go back and determine their authority for purposes of discussion at this meeting. No vote was taken."
Sergio Rodriguez moved that the minutes be amended to reflect language as presented by the Council Chair. April Burke seconded the motion.  Brenda Stenglein seconded the motion. There was no further discussion. The amendment to the  minutes for  the September 13, 2016 was approved by the Council. Patricia Richardson abstained.  Shelagh McClure, Chair, indicated with acceptance of the amendment, a motion was on the floor to approve the minutes as amended. The Council voted to approve the amended minutes. Michelle Chase and Patty Richardson abstained.


4. Report from Council Chair: 

CCJEF V. Rell Statement by the Council.  Shelagh McClure, Chair, read a statement for the Council on the CT Superior Court decision, CCJEF v. Rell. The Council "…categorically rejects any solution that relies upon reducing funding for education services to children with disabilities..."


Council members were taken aback by the lack of outcry from our public leaders on the decision. They were heartened to hear that CT Attorney General, George Jepsen has appealed the main part of the ruling and the portion that deals with special education funding.


Many groups are organizing around the special education ruling and filing Amicus Briefs, which are briefs that people who are not actual parties to the case can file to support litigants' positions on certain issues. They will be given an opportunity to explain why the decision is wrong and why they reject the notion that some children are not worth educating.


A suggestion that members contact their legislators fit right into the Council's goal of putting a folder of information about the Council, its initiatives and activities, its stance on the educational ruling, plus a Council membership and bio list into the hands of every State Legislator in January of 2017. Each Council member will receive a set of folders for their Legislators.


Shelagh McClure, Chair, asked if there was a motion on the floor to adopt the statement she read, as the Council's official position on the decision set forth in CCJEF v. Rell. Michelle Chase made the motion to adopt the statement. April Burke seconded the motion. The motion passed. Sergio Rodriguez abstained.



Able Act.  Shelagh McClure gave a rundown on the status of the ABLE Act program in Connecticut. They are unlikely to open their own plan and will probably join another state's program, but it will be designated as CT's plan. In the meantime, 5 other states have opened new ABLE accounts; OH, TN, NE and MI. These are national programs that people living in CT can sign up for. Florida also began a program, but it's only open to Floridians at this time. In December, a consortium of states, and OR will start national programs. Interested consumers can compare plans at the ABLE National Resource Center website:  http://ablenrc.org


2020 Campaign.  Following up on the 2020 Campaign video, there was a meeting last week with Bernard Kavaler and Rachel from Express Strategies. Recently, Rachel created the fantastic "I Have a Disability and I Vote" video. There will be an additional meeting with them to finalize the script for the planned 30 second public service TV announcement. Longer vignettes playing off the filmed individual and how they live a good life in their community will be posted on the campaign's website.


5. Executive Director's Report:  Molly Cole gave the Executive Director's Report. She finished her term as the Board President of the National Association of Councils on Developmental Disabilities. The NACDD is now rolling out their project to review the Partners training nationally, with intent to develop this into a national leadership training initiative for the Councils


This is the last year of the Community of Practice grant. With sustainability as their goal, the program has identified some ambassadors and has armed them with a ton of information, so they are able to continue the CoP activities. A final conference will be held in the spring of 2017.


The 2017 Partners in Policymaking training application is out and the Council is in the process of recruiting applicants for the program. Information has been posted on the Council website.


A conference on Customized Employment was held on November 14th at the Radisson Hotel in Cromwell. Approximately 300 people were in attendance and there was a waiting list. The first of three certification trainings with Mike Callahan from Marc Gold Associates will be held February 1-3, 2017 in Hartford. The application is being finalized for those agencies interested in sending  their staff.


The Housing Conference is being held on November 19th. A white paper on housing has been written and offers some policies to really focus on for the coming year. A comprehensive housing guide was also created.



6. Review of Five Year Plan and Work Plan:  Molly Cole, Executive Director, informed the Council their Five Year Plan was accepted. Council members were cautioned to keep the plan on their radar screen, as paying attention to it is critical to reaching the objectives and goals of the Council. Should members feel a change is warranted along the way, in August of 2017 the plan can be amended and changes made.



7. Discussion and Approval of Meeting Calendar and Meeting Locations for 2017:  Council members voiced their approval of holding their retreat day at Beth El Temple again. Since West Hartford is a central location for most members, the Council chose to continue holding their meetings there.


Shelagh McClure, Chair, asked for a motion to adopt the Council calendar of as presented, noting that April 4, 2017 will be the Council's day of retreat at Beth El Temple. Sergio Rodriguez made the motion to accept the calendar. Michelle Chase seconded the motion. The calendar was approved by all.


8. Executive Director Search Committee and Council Vote on New Executive Director:  At 1:02 PM, Shelagh McClure, Chair, requested that all non-Council members and unofficial Council members leave the meeting hall while the Council adjourned to Executive Session to discuss the findings and recommendations  of the E.D. Search Committee. The Executive Session ended at 1:29 PM and the Council meeting reconvened at 1:33 PM.


Shelagh McClure, Chair, said it was the recommendation of the search committee to hire Melissa Marshall as the Council's next Executive Director. She asked for a motion to accept the recommendation of the search committee. Michelle Chase made a motion to accept Melissa Marshall as the next Executive Director. Megan O'Neill seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


9. Review of Council Committees and Structural Plan:  The Council discussed an option to the current committees' structure. They were given the choice of organizing their committees around the Five Year plan instead of functions. After a discussion, they decided not to change the committees' structure.


10. Report Back from Committees:  Council members selected committees to serve on and elected committee chairs and vice chairs. Michelle Baughman as a non-member of the Council chose to volunteer her services to the APIE Committee.


The Advocacy, Public Information and Education Committee members are:

            Chris Blake, Council Vice Chair, Vice Chair; April Burke, Chair; James Hexter,

            Jackie Jamison, Ellyn Little, Michael Scanlon, Brenda Stenglein


            The Legislative Policy and Planning Committee members are:  Garry Gross,

            Joyce Lewis, Chair; Shelagh McClure, Council Chair; Sergio Rodriguez, Vice Chair


The Proposal Review Committee members are:  Ann Gionet, Alicia Kucharczyk, Chair;           Megan O'Neill, Vice Chair; Jim Rosen, Kathy Wolkner


The Membership Committee will be Jackie Jamison, Ada Suarez and another member will be needed. 


11. Adjournment of Meeting:  Shelagh McClure asked for a motion for adjournment. Sergio Rodriguez motioned for adjournment. Meagan O'Neill seconded the motion.  The meeting adjourned at 3:00 PM. The next Council meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 10, 2017 in West Hartford.


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