CTCDD: LPP Minutes 11-15-16

LPP Minutes 11-15-16

Legislative Policy and Planning Committee Meeting


Connecticut Council on Developmental Disabilities Minutes

November 15, 2016

Beth El Temple

2626 Albany Avenue

West Hartford, CT



Members Present:  Joyce Lewis,Chair Shelagh McClure, Council Chair; Sergio Rodriguez, Vice Chair


Staff Present:  Donna Devin


1. Approval of Agenda:  The meeting was called to order at 2:05 PM. Shelagh McClure, Council Chair, moved to approve the agenda for the LPP Committee meeting.  Joyce Lewis seconded the motion.  The agenda was approved.


2. Election of Chair and Vice Chair:  Shelagh McClure, Council Chair, nominated Joyce Lewis for the role of Committee Chair. Joyce Lewis nominated Sergio Rodriguez for the role of Committee Vice Chair. The nominations were approved by all.

3. Discuss Charge of LPP Committee:  The Legislative Policy and Planning Committee is responsible for addressing issues and action within the Legislative and Executive branches of government. They review, advise, develop and disseminate information on the Council's position and involvement in local, state and federal legislative and administrative policy initiatives that impact persons with developmental disabilities and their families.

The Committee interpreted this charge as following up on issues and getting further information; keeping the Council informed; presenting information to the Council; presenting information to the Legislature or the Executive branch of government as needed to inform on a position; to testify as needed, etc. By these means, they will carry out the initiatives of the Council and its Five Year Plan, specifically related to legislative and public policy.

4. Discussion of Future Activities:  Sergio Rodriguez, Vice Chair, inquired if the Committee had met with the Black Hispanic Caucus. He'd like to set up a meeting with them. Joyce Lewis added it to the work plan. Shelagh McClure, Council Chair, commented that there's a new Co-Chair of the Public Health Committee. All felt that once the packets are given to the Legislators, it would be a great time to set up meetings.

Joyce Lewis, Chair, mentioned the Birth to Three Program was considering doing a campaign centered around the changes to the program and would be looking for support. Shelagh McClure, Council Chair, asked if she could put together something for Council that will explain what is happening to the program.

5. Work Plan for 2016 2017:  The Committee decided more legislative action is needed for the Self Determined Lives portion of the Council work plan. They will arrange to meet with Legislators and policymakers.

The Committee will continue to participate in the Cross Disability Lifespan Alliance's weekly policy calls using the Council conference call lines during the legislative session.

The Committee is prepared to draw up action plans as needed for the Council's initiatives on housing and customized employment.

6. Adjourn:  Shelagh McClure, Council Chair, made a motion to adjourn.  Joyce Lewis, Chair, seconded the motion. The meeting was adjourned at 2:40 PM.


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