CTCDD: CTCDD Meeting 7-12-16

CTCDD Meeting 7-12-16


CT Council on Developmental Disabilities


July 12, 2016

Temple Beth El, West Hartford

10:00 AM to 2:00 PM


The 202nd meeting of the CT Council on Developmental Disabilities was held on Tuesday, July 12, 2016 from 10:10 AM to 2:00 PM at Temple Beth El in West Hartford.

Presiding:  Shelagh McClure, Chair

Recorder of Minutes:  Donna Devin

Members Present:  Chris Blake, April Burke, Ann Gionet, Gerri Hanna, Michelle Johnson, Alicia Kucharczyk, Joyce Lewis, Shelagh McClure, Margaret McDermott, Megan O’Neill, Patricia Richardson, Dr. Isabelina Rodriguez, James Rosen, Brenda Stenglein, Ada Suarez, Robin Wood

Members Absent:  Michelle Chase, John Curtin, Kevin Daly, Michelle Duprey,

Jackie Jamison, Antonio Orriola, Kathy Wolkner

Staff:  Molly Cole, Cathy Adamczyk

Meeting Assistants:  Peggy Johnson, Ellen Mathis

1. Reports from Executive Committee Meeting:  The Council did not formally convene at 10:05 due to lack of quorum.   Shelagh McClure, Chair provided an update on the meeting of the Executive Committee, since no vote was needed for this update.  She informed the Council that the Executive Committee had met about an initiative for People First, a CT self-advocacy group who were requesting 5K to close a funding gap for their People First Conference on June 18th.   The Committee voted to approve the request.  .


The Executive Committee also voted to submit a letter, along with several other parents, regarding the Inspector General’s report on critical incident reporting in the state.   Shelagh provided a summary of the report.  The letter has not been sent. 

Call to Order:   Upon establishment of a quorum, Shelagh McClure called the meeting to order at 10:15 AM. 


2. Approval of Agenda:  April Burke motioned to approve the agenda. Ada Suarez seconded the motion. The agenda was approved unanimously.


3. Approval of Minutes of 5/10/16:  Michelle Johnson motioned to approve the minutes. April seconded the motion. The minutes were approved. Ann Gionet abstained.



4. Five Year Plan:  Molly Cole, Executive Director, reviewed the Council's Five Year Plan. She is responding to the challenge of learning an entirely new data entry system which was rolled out last week by the Administration on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AIDD). The deadline for submission of the plan using this new system is still August 15. 


A work plan for years one and two has to be submitted with the Five Year Plan this year. Next year a new Director will submit a work plan for year three of the plan.   Molly presented the two year work plan containing steps on reaching goal objectives of the Five Year Plan. This will be submitted with the Five Year Plan in August.


Upon review of the draft work plan, Robin Wood expressed concern about not beginning activities for the Self Direction objective until year three. She also pointed out that the Community First Choice program has about 2,000 people enrolled in CT versus approximately 500 people participating in Parents with Disabilities, an initiative for year one.  The decision was made to move the Self direction objective to year one and defer the Parents with Cognitive Limitations objective to year three. 


There was a discussion dealing with the stalled On Demand Transportation initiative. Alicia Kucharczyk believes the Council should consult with a provider, an expert that handles transportation and get their feedback. Molly Cole suggested using this as an exploratory year for a transportation initiative, and then next year entering into a contract.



Recently, Shelagh McClure attended a group's first meeting on the topic of guardianship and came away feeling they were going to be part of a larger discussion on the whole topic of Supported Decision Making. She believes if the objective is moved back a year, there are talks going on among a larger group of advocates that the Council could be a part of without funding them at this point. They could wait for an opportunity to be a funder of something a year out.


Molly Cole will meet with Robin Wood to design a reasonable work plan for the Self Direction objective for years one and two. A suggestion was to set up some round table discussions. Following this wrap-up of the Five Year Plan, the Council opted to begin the Supported Decision Making initiative in year three and continue it in years four and five. The Self Direction initiative starts in year one and carries into years two and three. The proposal for On Demand Transportation will be deferred a year and will kick off in year two and will run through years three and four.


April Burke asked for an update on the Customized Employment initiative. Molly Cole said a work group has been convened for it that includes representative from the DD Council, UCEDD, OPA, BRS, DDS and DOL. They have had extensive conversations about how to bring customized employment to CT and decided this year to bring in Marc Gold and Associates, one of the premier customized employment entities in the country, to do certification training for customized employment. If everything goes according to plan, the program would start in January, but there may be a kickoff conference in the fall to talk about it.


Shelagh McClure looked for a motion to accept the work plan and goals as amended through Council discussion. Michelle Johnson made a motion to accept the revisions. Brenda Stenglein seconded the motion. The changes were approved unanimously.


Molly Cole will give members a final version of the table once the Five Year Plan is submitted. She advised the Council it should be a working document and they should refer to it every couple of months to monitor where they are in their Five Year Plan.


5. Site Visit Report and Recommendations:  Cathy Adamczyk, Council Disability Specialist presented an update on site visits for Council initiatives.
  • ARC CT Community Connector Pilot Program:  The program was created to help families come up with workable plans to move their adult sons and daughters into independent housing situations. Workshops addressing housing options and explaining Community First Choice were created and presented in the community. The Site Visit Team recommended for the Council to continue funding the program.
  • ARC CT Housing Matters Project:  The ARC conducted extensive research to explore the types of housing and services that are most beneficial in supporting people with I/DD, and how housing that is inclusive and integrated into the community may be developed for people with I/DD. A document "Promising Practices in Housing for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities" is nearing completion and a detailed 10 year plan for housing for adults with I/DD in Connecticut is in the works. The Site Visit Team recommended for the Council to continue funding the project.
  • CT Governor's Prevention Partnership/All Abilities Alliance Project:  The goal of this program is to expand the reach of the All Abilities Alliance anti-bullying program in 5 schools and provide national program access. Presently, they have contracts signed by 7 schools. They also provide a "Train the Trainer" series to address bullying in schools. An additional 3 districts have requested the training in their schools. The Site Visit Team recommended for the Council to continue funding the project.
  • PATH / CT – Community of Practice Life Course Project:  The program trains families and young adults on the Life Course Framework as developed by the Community of Practice initiative. The Site Visit Team recommended for the Council to continue funding the project.
  • PATH / CT – KASA:  The program resurrected CT-KASA (Kids as Self Advocates), a youth led leadership development initiative for youth ages 14-26 that reside in CT. The Site Visit Team recommended for the Council to continue funding the program.

Cathy Adamczyk ask for a motion to agree to continue funding all of the projects for the amounts recommended by the site teams and detailed in the contracts signed by the Council and the Grantees. April Burke made a motion. Brenda Stenglein seconded the motion. The motion was passed unanimously.

6. Updates:  Molly Cole, Executive Director and Shelagh McClure, Chair are working on the draft of testimony regarding OPA privatization and the Council's vision for a privatized office of protection and advocacy. It will be submitted for the July 25th Public Hearing.


Shelagh McClure, who sits on the CT ABLE Act Advisory Committee, informed the Council that although CT has adopted the program, they have yet to decide if it is going to be run like the ABLE Act programs of Nebraska, Ohio and Tennessee. These states have their own program, but they are open to anyone in the fifty states. The National Disability Institute has built a collaborative website as an ABLE National Resource Center and in the future will allow users to compare the ABLE programs of any state.


The Council Executive Search Committee met with Daimar Ramos, the Principle Human Resources Specialist from DDS, who explained the posting, searching and vetting process for filling an Executive Director's position. Paperwork is now with OPM awaiting approval.


7. Report on NACDD National Meeting:  The NACDD National Meeting was held in Washington, D.C. the week of July  4-8. Molly Cole and Cathy Adamczyk flew down to D.C. on July 4th for the conference and Council Members Chris Blake, April Burke and Brenda Stenglein attended the meeting from July 6-8.  The conference was comprised of presentations and workshops focusing on different issues affecting the I/DD community and it gave an overview of the projects and programs on other states' drawing boards.


8. Executive Director's Report:  Molly Cole gave the Executive Director's Report. The Council can now negotiate contracts with other taxi services. A plan is being worked out on how to deal with the state dismissal of the sign language interpreters.


9. Report back from Committees:  Alicia Kucharczyk, Committee Chair gave the report back from the Policy Review Committee. From their research on transportation, they are interested in assembling advocates and agency people from the DOT, DMV, plus a cab company, to try and pull everyone together for a brainstorm session to resolve the transportation issue.


Ada Suarez gave the report back from the Membership and Support Committee. There are 4 vacancies on the Council for self-advocates. The group is also looking for more cultural diversity within the Council.


April Burke, Committee Vice Chair gave the report back from the Advocacy, Public Information and Education/Legislation Policy and Planning Committee. The group decided on a design for their handouts to the community. They are also forming a consensus about what types of media ads they think would be most effective, and are narrowing down their choices of people to appear in the media spots.


10. Adjournment of Meeting:  Shelagh McClure asked for a motion for adjournment. Chris Blake motioned for adjournment. April Burke seconded the motion.  The meeting adjourned at 2:05 PM. The next Council meeting is the Annual Meeting and it will be held on Tuesday, September 13th in West Hartford.

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