CTCDD: Proposal Review Meeting 7-12-16

Proposal Review Meeting 7-12-16

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Proposal Review Committee

July 12, 2016


Present:  Alicia Kucharczyk, Patty Richardson, Ann Gionet, Isabelina Rodriguez, Gerri Hanna

Staff: Molly Cole

1)     Minutes:  The committee amended minutes from 5-10 to indicate that  Alicia was absent at last meeting. Gerri Hanna moved to approve minutes as amended, Patricia seconded. The minutes were approved unanimously. Isabelina, Ann and Alicia abstained due to absence from last Proposal Review meeting.


2)     On Demand Transportation:   The committee discussed the development of a Transportation Advisory Board and brainstormed possible candidates to invite including: DOT, Metro Cab, Self Advocates, school personnel, Transportation Experts, Mobility agencies. The goal would be to present the board with a summary of the Kennedy Center report and engage in dialogue about challenges CT currently faces. The committee would like to coordinate and convene the advisory board sometime around 3rd week in October.


3)     Customized Employment:  The committee reviewed updates on Customized Employment and discussed having the  initial launch event to give an overview of the initiative, Molly has been in contact with Mike Callahan from Marc Gold Associates, and feels the Council  could have this program launched by January.


4)     Mini Grants:  The committee discussed Mini-grants and RFP’s, made minor edits to the Grant review document and developed a summary statement for guidance on mini-grants to propose to the full Council at next meeting.


Proposal Review Protocol for Mini-Grants

The Developmental Disability Council (DD Council) will review unsolicited mini-grants from a grantee for a maximum$15,000 per year.  Grants will be reviewed on a twice yearly basis in October and April.( Deadlines for submission will be September 15  and March 15)    The DD Council reserves the right to solicit mini-grants at other times of the year based on the needs of the Council.

When grants are reviewed, the following protocols will be followed:

1.    Mini-grants should address the goals of the five-year plan.

2.    Mini-grants must be consistent with the Council’s mission.

3.    Grantees will provide a 25% match.

4.    Funds will not be used for capitol purchases, equipment or IPADS.

5.    Mini-grants will not exceed a 10% indirect rate.

In addition, the Proposal Review Committee recommends adding the following language to the “Instruction for DD Council Grant Review Panel”:

Page 7 of 8:  Add 5) Indirect rate requests cannot exceed 10% of the requested amount. 

The committee would also advise defining the definition of “poverty area” in number 4.  We thought a re-wording of the second sentence would be helpful:

4) The Council requires a 25% in-kind non-federal match for the funds requests.  If the initiative covers a poverty area (For purposes of the Developmental Disabilities Act, urban and rural poverty areas in a State are those that meet the definition of the United States Census Bureau for these areas. Each census tract in a State is designated as either a poverty or non-poverty area. You may use the information provided by the data centers in your State to identify the location of these poverty areas. (Go to www.census.gov)

5.      Next Steps:  The Committee agreed to convene by webinar and will be in touch regarding dates.

6.      Adjourn.  Ann moved to adjourn and Alicia seconded.

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