CTCDD: 6-15-16 Minutes

6-15-16 Minutes


Executive Director Search Committee

June 15, 2016

Department of Developmental Services

460 Capitol Avenue, Hartford

10:00 AM to 11:30 AM


Present:  Shelagh McClure, Ada Suarez, Michelle Johnson, Brenda Stenglein, Jim Rosen


Staff:  Daimar Ramos (DDS Human Resources), Molly Cole, Peg Johnson


1. State Hiring Process:  Daimar reviewed the components of posting and filling the position. 
  1. Complete the Position Vacancy Form and the 7 questions (Molly will do this, using the preferred skills with a few additions,   and the official job description from the previous vacancy)
  2. Send to Department of Administrative Services (Daimar will do)
  3. Then send to OPM ( Daimar will do)
  4. Once approved, the position is posted as an open, competitive exam.  When the exam is posted, the Council can advertise-in state and nationally There will be  one month from posting to closing date. 
  5. At posting, we can also determine what additional materials we want each candidate to submit.  This can include a cover letter, two letters of reference OR a service rating if the candidate is a state employee, and a resume.
  6. DDS will also review the SEBAC list of those who are laid off and notify those who may have the requisite skills or experience to apply for this position. 


  7. After the exam closes, DAS reviews applicants and sends Daimar and the committee the names of those applicants who meet the MINIMUM qualifications.
  8. Applicants are notified
  9. The position is then posted as vacant, but only those who pre-qualified by completing the exam will be eligible to apply.
  10. The applicant list will then be sent to the committee.


2. Preferred skills:  The committee reviewed the job descriptions and determined that the “Additional Expected Qualifications “ that Florida listed were comprehensive, and needed minimal additions and editing.  That edited  list is attached to the minutes. 


3. Next meeting:  The committee will meet in July to develop interview questions.  Molly will send out a meeting wizard. 

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