CTCDD: APIE/LPP Meeting 5-10-16

APIE/LPP Meeting 5-10-16


Connecticut Council on Developmental Disabilities

Advocacy, Public Information and Education/ Legislation Policy and Planning Committee


May 10, 2016

Temple Beth El, West Hartford

1:15 AM to 2:45 PM


Presiding:  Chris Blake, Chair; April Burke, Vice Chair

Recorder of Minutes:  Donna Devin (Staff)

Members Present:  John Curtin, Jacqueline Jamison, Michelle Johnson, Joyce Lewis, Shelagh McClure, Council Chair, Margaret McDermott, Brenda Stenglein, Ada Suarez,  Kathy Wolkner, Robin Wood

Members Absent:  Michelle Chase, Michelle Duprey, Antonio Orriola,

1.      Call to Order:  April Burke, Vice Chair, called the meeting to order at 1:13 PM.

2.      Approval of Agenda:  Shelagh McClure, Council Chair, moved to approve the agenda. Joyce Lewis seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

3.      Approval of Minutes of 3/8/16:  Shelagh McClure, Council Chair, motioned to approve the minutes. April Burke seconded the motion. The minutes were approved.

4.      Update on Solicitation of Information for Council’s Five Year Plan:  Discussed in the main Council meeting

5.      Legislative Update:  None given due to the Council’s main meeting review of the status of Legislative bills they’ve been following.

6.      New Business:  Chris Blake, Chair, started a conversation about outreach to public places where the Council could leave packets of the Council’s brochure and build a network of permanent contacts. Among the suggestions of where the brochure might have the biggest impact were libraries, town halls, community centers, doctors’ offices, schools, Parent Teacher Organizations, “Y(s)” and other groups and providers. Piggybacking on his idea of a network, Chris also thought it would be beneficial to the Council for Molly Cole, Cathy Adamczyk or a Council Member to set up a time to talk to management at these places to educate them on the Council’s role in the community, in the hopes that these people would then be able to educate other people.

Meg McDermott wants the Council to make a DVD, include contact information with it and give it out to people.

Joyce Lewis pointed out that as a state nonprofit group, the Council is allowed free airtime. She would like to see the brochure done as a slide show on all access TV. April Burke, Co-Chair, emphasized with passion, “We definitely need to get it on TV and in the mindset of people in general for this to really take off.” She spoke about promoting the Council through commercials, National Public Radio, and other media to reach an audience.

With prompting from Shelagh McClure, Council Chair, the group devised a plan for a piece of outreach information they would like to create. They decided on using postcard size cardstock to get their message across to the public. Information about the 2020 Campaign will be printed on side one. Side two will contain the DD Council’s Mission Statement and it may have a head-shot of the Council member, along with their contact information. Meg McDermott also had the idea of passing them out to former Council members.

April Burke, Co-Chair, asked if Council members could work in Molly’s Office (Council offices), to get some of this work done. Shelagh McClure, Council Chair, said the materials for the legislative packets would need to be created and compiled into packets over the summer.

Chris Blake, Chair, was concerned about the Council having someone available to read the information over the phone. He’d be more comfortable having someone there to walk him through it, and thought other people might be as well.

Shelagh McClure, Council Chair, tasked the Committee with looking over the Council’s website to check on the wording of the 2020 Campaign information, to ensure the Campaign’s message is presented in the most effective manner possible.

7.   Adjournment of Meeting:  Shelagh McClure, Council Chair, motioned for adjournment. Chris Blake, Chair, seconded the motion.  The meeting adjourned at 2:35 PM.

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