CTCDD: Proposal Review Meeting 5-10-16

Proposal Review Meeting 5-10-16

Draft Minutes

CT Council on Developmental Disabilities

Proposal Review Committee

May 10, 2016


Present:  Jim Rosen, John Curtin, Gerri Hanna, Megan O’Neill, Patty Richardson, Sergio Rodriguez

Absent:  Ann Gionet

Staff:  Molly Cole


1. Approval of minutes from April 1, 2010Meghan O’Neill moved to approve the minutes from April
1 and John Curtin seconded.  Patty Richardson and Sergio Rodriguez abstained and the minutes were approved.

2. Update on the Kennedy Center and On-Demand Transportation.  Molly reviewed the background of the Kennedy center proposal for those who were not part of the earlier discussions.  She contacted the Kennedy Center and informed them that the Council was not going to fund their proposal because the Council felt that fixed route systems will not provide easy access to an on demand system.  The committee discussed next steps, including contacting Uber to determine if they would consider partnering with the Council on this initiative.  Sergio has contacts with Uber and agreed to pursue a contact with the company.
3. Customized employment.  Molly shared information on Mark Gold Associated, the definition of customized employment and details on the training to be offered by the Council.   Molly will arrange a future conference call with Mark Gold Associates to answer specific questions regarding models for train the trainers, incentivizing customized employment certification, role of provider agencies, and other details of the training.
4. Discussion of Indirect Rate.  The Council has no authorized indirect rate, although the rate has been informally capped at 10%.  The committee felt that a 10% rate was appropriate for Council grants.  Sergio moved to accept an indirect rate of 10% and John Curtin seconded.  The committee approved this unanimously.

5. Mini-grant Proposals.  The committee decided that these would be accepted twice a year in October and April.  Mini grants could address any of the goals of the five year plan and must be consistent with the Council’s mission.  Grantees would be required to provide a 25% match as with other grants.  The committee felt that a maximum grant of $15,000 for one year would be appropriate.  Funds could not be used for capital purchases, equipment, IPADs, etc.  A detailed protocol and announcement will be developed for dissemination in the fall.

6. Adjourn.  John Curtin moved to adjourn the meeting and Jim Rosen seconded.  The meeting adjourned at 2:30 PM. 




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