CTCDD: APIE/LPP Minutes 2-25-16

APIE/LPP Minutes 2-25-16


Connecticut Council on Developmental Disabilities

       Advocacy, Public Information & Education/

Legislation Policy and Planning Committee

Conference Call

Call-in Number: 1-866 -798 -2722

Conference Code: 195 124 9209

Feb 25, 2016



Members Present:  Chris Blake, Chair; April Burke, Vice-Chair; Joyce Lewis, Shelagh McClure, Council Chair; Kathy Wolkner, Ada Suarez, John Curtin, Michelle Johnson, Antonio Orriola, Council Vice-Chair, Brenda Stenglein, Robin Wood

Absent:  Michelle Chase, Michelle Duprey, Jackie Jamison, Meg McDermott, 

Staff:  Cathy Adamczyk


  1. Welcome/Approval of Agenda: The meeting was called to order by Chris Blake, Committee Chair, at 2:08 PM. Shelagh McClure moved to approve the agenda.  Joyce Lewis seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.
  2. Approval of Minutes:  April Burke moved to approve the minutes from the 1/12/2016 meeting. Joyce Lewis seconded the motion and the minutes were approved unanimously with Antonio Orriola abstaining. 
  3. Solicitation of Input for 5 Year Plan:  The Council staff will provide all the information/forms/paperwork needed to solicit feedback on the 5 year plan.  It was pointed out that all comments need to be submitted to the Council within 45 days of approval of the plan so the input can be incorporated into the Council five-year plan.  The Committee requested to see both options being considered for the final goals.
  4. Legislative: A summary was provided of the 5 bills that the Council provided testimony on, which included:  H 5044, H 5128, H 5050,

    H 5176, S 17 and S 294, and testimony was submitted to Appropriations regarding H 5044.

  5. Old/New Business: There was a discussion regarding the possible ramifications of moving funding from DDS to DSS.
  6. Adjourn:  Motion to adjourn was made by Shelagh McClure at 2:59.  It was seconded by Joyce Lewis and carried unanimously.

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