CTCDD: Proposal Review Meeting 12-7-15

Proposal Review Meeting 12-7-15


CT Council on Developmental Disabilities

Proposal Review Committee

December 7, 2015


Present:  Jim Rosen, Alicia Kucharczyk (by phone); Megan OíNeill; Patty Richardson;

Ann Gionet; Chris Sullivan


Staff: Molly Cole


1. Approval of minutes from 11/10/15.  Chris Sullivan called the meeting to order at 10:12 AM.  Following introductions of all committee members, Megan OíNeill offered several corrections to the minutes of November 10.  She moved to accept the minutes as amended and Jim Rosen seconded.  The motion carried unanimously with Ann Gionet and Chris Sullivan abstaining. 


2. Review of proposal from the Governorís Prevention Partnership.  Molly Cole reviewed the application and review process for continuation grants, and the overall design of the proposal. She reminded the committee that the DD Council had already authorized the funds for this project, and that their charge was to review the proposal and ensure that it was consistent with the outcomes and the five year plan.   The committee all shared their scores and comments. Following discussion Alicia Kucharczyk moved to inform the council that the committee had reviewed this proposal and recommended that the final continuation for year three of the project be funded.  Jim Rosen seconded.  The motion carried unanimously with Megan OíNeill abstaining.  Of note in this discussion was the process to apply for continuation funds and that this would be done at a subsequent meeting of the committee.    



3. Review of the Transportation Report from the Kennedy Center.  Molly Cole reviewed the RFP for this grant, the anticipated outcomes and the extension of the MOU from July to September 30.  The Council had discussed the need for a transportation proposal that would address the need for on demand transportation through utilization of an array of options including volunteer networks, a web platform like UBER, or a creative use of existing vans that are unused in the evenings and on weekends.  Kennedy Center opted to use most of their funds to contract out for a study.  The Committee felt that the report detailed the barriers and made a number of recommendations, but did not really come up with an outline of a plan or next steps which would be funded for years two and three, and which had good replication potential across the state.  The MOU to Kennedy Center was only for year one, so no funds have been promised to them for years two and three, even though the Council approved $100,000 for year two of the project.  The Committee decided:
  • Molly and Chris should meet with Margaret Mixon at the Kennedy Center to discuss the report and the recommendations and discuss possible edits to the report. 
  • Following this meeting, if the committee feels that Kennedy Center cannot implement a project for on demand transportation that could be replicated across the state then the Council should consider entering a partnership with a business that can implement such a project, like UBER. 


4. Other business.  The committee discussed the possibility of having a competitive application process only for grants over $15,000.  This would allow the director to negotiate MOUís for smaller amounts.  These MOUís would articulate specific deliverables as dictated by specific outcomes from the Council and/or the Committee.  Grants over this dollar amount would have to write a competitive grant which would be subject to the scoring protocol developed by the committee.  Additionally, the committee recognized that there are no specific limitations to indirect costs in DDC proposals, and this needs to be addressed.  Based on all discussions, the committee will reconvene after the January meeting to address all the issues identified at this meeting.

Molly will draft a report to the Council for the January meeting, which outlines the issues identified and recommendations from the Committee.  This will be finalized and presented by Chris to the Council in January. 


5. Adjourn.  Chris Sullivan moved to adjourn and Jim Rosen seconded.  The meeting adjourned at 11.52 AM.   

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