CTCDD: Proposal review Meeting 11-10-15

Proposal review Meeting 11-10-15


CT Council on Developmental Disabilities

Proposal Review Committee

November 10, 2015


Present:  Jim Rosen, Alicia Kucharczyk; Megan O誰eill; Patty Richardson;

Absent:  Ann Gionet; Chris Sullivan

Staff: Molly Cole


1. Election of Chair and Vice Chair:  Megan O誰eill moved to nominate Chris Sullivan, previously Vice-Chair of this committee, as Chair; Patty Richardson seconded.  The motion carried unanimously.   Jim Rosen moved to nominate Alicia Kucharczyk for Vice Chair.  Patty Richardson seconded and the motion carried unanimously.  The new chair of the committee is Chris Sullivan and the Vice Chair is Alicia Kucharczyk. 


2. Minutes:  The Committee was unable to approve minutes from 6/9/15 since none of the current members were in attendance at the previous meeting.  These will remain posted as DRAFT minutes.


3. Possible Employment Initiative:  The committee discussed a possible customized employment initiative in collaboration with the DD Network.  This could include hiring Mark Gold Associates to do several days of training followed by implementation with support from Mark Gold Associates for several pilots.


4. School Climate Proposal:  A continuation proposal was received from the Governor痴 Prevention Partnership.  This proposal will need to be reviewed and scored by the Committee. 


5. On Demand Transportation:  The Council received the final report from the Kennedy Center for their On Demand Transportation Study.  The Council has allocated funding for a pilot, but the committee needs to determine the scope and deliverables of this pilot, develop an RFP and send it back to the Kennedy Center.


6. Next steps:  The Committee will need to convene in December to review the GPP proposal and discuss the On Demand Transportation proposal.  Molly will send out the scoring protocol and related forms to the committee, along with the GPP proposal and the Kennedy Center report.


7. Adjourn:  Megan O誰eill moved to adjourn the meeting and Alicia Kucharczyk seconded  The meeting adjourned at 2:27 PM.

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