CTCDD: CTCDD Meeting Agenda 11-10-15

CTCDD Meeting Agenda 11-10-15

Connecticut Council on Developmental Disabilities


Council Meeting

November 10, 2015

Temple Beth El, West Hartford


10:00        Welcome: Shelagh McClure and Tony Orriola


     *Approval of Agenda

     *Approval of Minutes 9/8/15


    Introductions: New Council Members and Current Council Members


10:15          *Approval of Revised Calendar


10:20          *Review, Discussion and Approval of Goals and Objectives
                     Summary of next steps


11:00          *Review, discussion and approval of 2020 document


12:00          Lunch


1:00            Director’s Report


1:15            Discussion of collaborative meeting with SILC in January


1:20            Council Committees Discussion


                    Overview of Current Committee Structure and Committee Responsibilities

                    Standing Committees / Committees by Topic                                   
1:30            Committee meetings:  Council members join committees, discuss next steps, elect co-chairs and set meeting dates


2:30            Report back


2:45            Announcements


2:55            Next Meeting Agenda Items


3:00            *Adjourn


*Indicates Vote by Council

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