CTCDD: Membership Meeting 6-9-15

Membership Meeting 6-9-15


CT Council on Developmental Disabilities

Membership Committee

Chair Jacqueline Jamison

Vice Chair Michelle Johnson

June 9, 2015

2:00 -2:45

Temple Beth El,  2626 Albany Avenue

West Hartford, CT


Present:  Jackie Jamison, Sabra Mayo, Michelle Johnson. 

Staff:  Molly Cole


1. Approval of Agenda:  Sabra Mayo moved to approve the agenda for the meeting and Jackie Jamison Seconded.  The agenda was approved.   


2.  Approval of Minutes from November 18, 2014:  Sabra Mayo moved to approve the minutes and Michelle Johnson seconded.  The minutes were approved. 


3. Review current and anticipated vacancies.  Molly Cole reviewed the current and anticipated vacancies and reappointments:


  • The Council will have five individuals to be re-appointed to second terms:  Chris Blake, Tom Boudreau, Alicia Kucharczyk, Ada Suarez and Chris Sullivan.  The Committee needs to ask each member if they desire re-appointment to a second term.


  • The Council will have five vacancies to fill:  Department of Aging Representative, Department of Health Representative, two self advocates and one parent. 


  • Molly will contact the agencies regarding new representatives for the Council. 


4. Review existing applications submitted to the council.  There are two applications on file, both are parents.  The staff will solicit other applications from the Alliance, Partners grads and other lists. 


5. Set a date for the next meeting .  The Committee will met on July 14 from 10 to noon for interviews at the Office of Protection and Advocacy.  Molly will schedule the interviews. 


6. Adjourn

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