CTCDD: CTCDD Meeting 5-12-15

CTCDD Meeting 5-12-15

CT Council on Developmental Disabilities

Council Meeting Minutes

May 12, 2015

Temple Beth El, West Hartford

10:00 AM to 2:30 PM


The 194th meeting of the CT Council on Developmental Disabilities was held on Tuesday, May 12, 2015 from 10:00 AM to 2:30 PM at Temple Beth El in West Hartford. 

Presiding:  Shelagh McClure, Chair; Anthony Orriola, Vice Chair

Recorder of Minutes:  Donna Devin

Members Present:  Chris Blake, Thomas Boudreau, April Burke, Michelle Chase,

John Curtin, Michelle Duprey, Jacqueline Jamison, Michelle Johnson, Alicia Kucharczyk, Joyce Lewis, Zuleika Martinez, Sabra Mayo, Shelagh McClure, Margaret McDermott, Antonio Orriola, James Rosen, Ada Suarez, Christine Sullivan, Robin Wood

Members Absent:  Mark Keenan, Brenda Stenglein, Kathy Wolkner

Staff:  Molly Cole, Cathy Adamczyk

Meeting Assistant:  Ellen Mathis


    1.Call to Order:  Shelagh McClure called the meeting to order at 10:00 AM. 


    2. Approval of Agenda:  Meg McDermott motioned to approve the agenda. Zuleika Martinez seconded the motion. The agenda was approved unanimously.


   3. Approval of Minutes of 3/10/15:  John Curtin motioned to approve the minutes. Michelle Chase seconded the motion. The minutes were approved unanimously.


   4. Mission Moment:  Lowell Weicker Video on the Closing of Southbury -  The mission moment was the recording of former Governor Lowell Weicker, being interviewed by Jim McGaughey, the former Executive Director for the Office of Protection and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities. The tape was originally shown on April 9, 2015.

Lowell P. Weicker was the Governor of the State of Connecticut from 1991-1995. During his term, he was able to close Mansfield Training Center, and develop a plan to close Southbury Training Center within 5 years. Former Governor John Rowland took office before the plan could be implemented and he dismantled it, choosing instead to spend the money on upgrades for buildings at Southbury.

            Himself, the parent of an adult son with Down Syndrome, Governor Weicker is a staunch advocate of Community Living for people with intellectual/developmental disabilities.  He finds where we are today in regards to the closing of STC, is “inexplicable”. “All we have to do is fund it…The promise of Community Living has been stunted by our refusal to pay for it, even though it would be cheaper...”

            In the future, a link to the interview will be put up on the Council website.


5.   Site Visit Update and Recommendation:  Cathy Adamczyk reviewed the Site Team visit for the Brain Injury Alliance (BIAC) of CT, on behalf of the CT Parents with Cognitive Limitations (PWCL) Workgroup. Council Members, Ada Suarez and Antonio Orriola, along with Council Staff Member, Cathy Adamczyk, met with Julie Peters, Executive Director of BIAC; Barbara Nadeau, Clinical Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy from Quinnipiac University; Dr. Wendy Kwalwasser, Prevention Services Coordinator and Co-Chair of the CT PWCL; and Wendy Callan, Brain Injury Specialist at BIAC. The Site Visit Team recommended that the Council continue project funding to the group.

      The Site Team is looking for more volunteers for on-site visits. Members who haven’t yet volunteered, will be given preference over members who are currently assigned to visit a site.


6.   Update on 2020 Campaign:   Shelagh McClure provided an update. The 2020 Campaign held a conference with Allan Bergman on April 9, “A New Vision for Community Living”.  It was attended by close to 100 people.

Due to the budget transformational process within DDS, Raised Bill No. 1088 in the Legislature was changed.  Within the Bill, the Appropriations Committee deleted the words “and implement, which means that although the Commissioner of DDS will be required to create a plan for the closing of all CT institutions, there’ll be no mandate to implement it.

The plan will need to address issues regarding the transition of all residents; options for workers employed at institutions; alleviation/re-allocation of funding for services DDS would no longer to be required to provide; future use for facilities; environmental concerns; stakeholders, etc. If the plan is written, it goes back to the Legislature.

Southbury presently has approximately 900 employees. The Council discussed what other states have done regarding people employed within institutions. A range of options have been used, from people being employed by private providers, to training and retraining for other positions, to employees starting their own businesses by providing housing services. Shelagh McClure pointed out that although job loss is a real concern, there are real solutions, and there will be jobs created as well.


7.   Executive Director’s Report and Budget Report:  Molly Cole reported on Council operations, events, and projects. The formula was tweaked for funding of all US Councils on Developmental Disabilities. Consequently, the CT Council has lost about 10K of funding. Councils are awarded money based on a complicated formula that includes consideration of their size and population.

      The Council is very excited about the upcoming ADA & IDEA Celebration scheduled for October 2 - 3, 2015. There will be a community and networking day, workshops will be held, and there will be activities planned and a cash bar will be offered. Within the next 6 weeks, preliminary registration and agenda items will be available. About 400 attendees are expected. Registration is being handled by the Wheeler Clearing House.

8.   Review of Retreat Discussion and Five Year Plan Development:  The Council studied the 5 year plans of other states and voiced their reactions to them. Using the goals of North Carolina’s Council as a springboard to the conversation, members observed when transition was mentioned in the objectives of the NC Council, not only did they speak about process, but also capacity. This is important; otherwise a discussion on transition becomes a process discussion, not a capacity discussion.

      The Council needs to develop goals that move them to concrete outcomes that can be reached at the end of 5 years and that have measurable results.

The discussion then moved onto employment and how young people are now used to seeing persons with I/DD in the workplace. The Council needs to capitalize on this and address employment in the five year plan.

9.   Finalize Priority Areas/Next Steps in 5 Year Plan:    The Council returned to this topic following lunch. Many members expressed a desire for a goal of a “Self-Determined Life” centered around community capacity, that addresses housing and transportation needs. However, the group was cautioned not to bunch everything under 1 goal, because it would be very difficult to measure its impact.

After proposing and weighing other alternatives, Christine Sullivan proposed:  The Council will promote and support initiatives that will lead to a Self-Determined Life.

            It was added that “across lifespan” should be inserted, as it covers all bases.

            Shelagh McClure defined a goal for community capacity:  The Council will support opportunities to build the capacity of communities to increase inclusion.

            Objectives and other goals were discussed for the remainder of the time allotted for creation of goals. Molly Cole said once the language of the Council’s goals is finalized, they will be ready to vote on at the next meeting.

10.  Announcements and Future Agenda Items:  The DD Council logo will be revamped. A contest is being rolled out and publicized. A $500 award will be given to the winning entry. Entries will need to be submitted to the Council by Tuesday, June 30th. Designs should be computer ready and comprised of no more than 2 colors.


          11. Approval of $500 Award for Winner of the New DD Council Logo Contest:  Alicia Kucharczyk motioned to approve the award. Zuleika Martinez seconded the motion. The award was approved unanimously.


         12.  Adjournment of Meeting:  Sabra Mayo motioned for adjournment. John Curtin seconded the motion.  The meeting adjourned at 2:30 PM.

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