CTCDD: Policy Meeting 1-13-15

Policy Meeting 1-13-15

Legislative Committee Meeting

Connecticut Council on Developmental Disabilities Minutes

January 13, 2015

Beth El Temple

2626 Albany Avenue

West Hartford, CT



Members Present:  Chris Blake; Mark Keenan; Michelle Duprey;

Joyce Lewis, Meg McDermott (Vice-Chair)

Absent:  Kathy Wolkner (Chair)

Staff Present:  Donna Devin



Approval of Agenda: The meeting was called to order at 10:47 AM. Joyce Lewis moved to approve the agenda.  Michelle Duprey seconded the motion.  The agenda was approved unanimously.


  1. Approval of Minutes: Michelle Duprey moved to approve the minutes from the 1/7/2014 meeting. Meg seconded the motion and the minutes were approved. 
  2. Work Plan: The current work plan addresses assisted suicide and housing legislation. The 20/20 Campaign wasnít listed as part of the work plan, due to it being unfinished. Joyce Lewis noted it needed to be added. Meg McDermott will include it the Committee work plan.
  1. Legislative Event:  Chris Blake is preparing to testify about closure of the institutions on behalf of the Council during Family Hearing Day on January 15th.

Mark Keenan asked if anyone was working on identifying consumers who used to live at Southbury. Joyce Lewis noted that Ct Legal Services is working with self-advocates who left Southbury. Michelle Duprey suggested talking with them.

Michelle Duprey has a video camera and suggested taping a segment of what her department does and about the goals of the Council. Chris Blake recalled a booklet the Council had compiled in the past of stories from former residents of Southbury. Donna Devin will locate it in the Council Office and mail it out to members of the Council.

Joyce Lewis added she would like to see a video done with family members or individuals in it. She brought up that Southbury could already have such a video, since they are working on their positive presentations to the families. .

  1. Rapid Response Team for the Assisted Suicide Legislation: Joyce Lewis asked if the group was going to work on developing themes for testimony for Rapid Response. Michelle Duprey said she hasnít heard anything new about the legislation. Joyce Lewis clarified that the group needs to create a bulleted list that the person who is testifying can work from and can reference prior testimony from the Council.. The group volunteered Kathy Wolkner to arrange a phone call meeting to put the bullets together.


  1. New Legislative Proposals: Chris Blake brought a new legislative proposal to the groupís attention that he heard at a meeting he attended a couple of weeks ago, where if parent(s) believe their child isnít receiving the appropriate education, the onus will be placed on the parent/parents to prove the educational instructors are failing in their responsibilities to the children. Parent(s) are demanding time or financial assistance to investigate each situation. They also believe the School Board involved should hire a mediator for the parties involved.


  1. Housing Separation: Michelle Duprey has been working with the Office of Protection and Advocacy on the distance for housing related to people with disabilities. The OPA would like to handle it as a technical correction to the law, because of its inconsistency with Federal law. They want to avoid restricting where individuals can be placed. Michelle will keep the Committee apprised of developments.


  1. Adjourn:  Joyce Lewis made a motion to adjourn.  Michelle Duprey seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.  The meeting was adjourned at 11:25 AM.

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