CTCDD: Proposal Review Meeting 11-18-14

Proposal Review Meeting 11-18-14


CT Council on Developmental Disabilities

Proposal Review Committee

November 18, 2014


Present:  Jim Rosen, , Shelagh McClure, Tom Boudreau, Michelle Chase

Staff: Molly Cole


  1. Election of Chair/Vice Chair:   Shelagh moved to nominate Chris Sullivan to serve another  term as PRC Chair.  Jim Seconded and the motion carried.  Shelagh moved to nominate Tom as Vice Chair.  Michelle seconded and the motion carried.


  2. Review and approve minutes of the PRC meeting of October 24  2014.  Tom Boudreau   moved to approve the minutes of October24 , 2014.  Jim Rosen seconded and the motion.  The motion  was passed unanimously.


  3. Transportation proposals for on demand transportation.  The committee members shared their scores and comments for each section of each grant. Scoring packets were collected at the end of the discussion.  Kennedy Center was the high score and Tom Boudreau moved to recommend funding this proposal for $60,000.  Jim Rosen seconded and the motion carried. 


  1. RFP for Customized Employment:  The committee reviewed the RFP for Customized Employment, which will be posted on December 8, 2014 both at the conference and on line.  The committee made a few revisions to the proposal, which will be finalized and sent to all committee members. 


  2. Housing proposals from ARC CT: Shelagh McClure recused herself from this discussion.  The committee reviewed the additional information provided by ARC CT for both the Housing proposal and their Community Connector proposal and approved both.  Tom Boudreau moved to recommend funding the Housing proposal for $40,378 and the Community Connector Proposal for $18,687.  Michelle seconded and the motion carried. 


  3. Governorís Prevention Partnership Year two Proposal:  The Committee reviewed the revised work plan and additional information provided for year two of  this initiative.  The Committee recommended funding a second year.  Shelagh moved to recommend funding this proposal at $60,000 and Tom seconded.  The motion carried.


  4. PATH/FVCT KASA request.  The committee discussed the request submitted by CT KASA.  Tom moved to recommend funding this initiative at $15,000 and Shelagh seconded.  The motion carried. 


  5. The meeting adjourned at 1:40.



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