CTCDD: CTCDD Meeting 11-18-14

CTCDD Meeting 11-18-14


CT Council on Developmental Disabilities


November 18, 2014

Temple Beth El, West Hartford

10:00 AM to 3:00 PM


The 191st  meeting of the CT Council on Developmental Disabilities was held on Tuesday, November 18, 2014 from 10:00 AM to 300 PM at Temple Beth El in  West Hartford.


Presiding:  Shelagh McClure, Chair; Tony Orriola, Vice Chair

Recorder of Minutes: Molly Cole, Council Director

Present:  Chris Blake, Thomas Boudreau, Michelle Chase, John Curtin, Michelle Duprey, Jacqueline Jamison, Michelle Johnson, Zuleika Martinez, Sabra Mayo, Shelagh McClure, Margaret McDermott, Antonio Orriola, Ada Suarez, Kathy Wolkner.  

Guests:  April Burke, Adam Stuhlman

Staff:  Molly Cole, Cathy Adamczyk

Meeting Assistant:  Ellen Wright


  1. Call to Order:  Shelagh McClure called the meeting to order at 10:04 AM. 


  2. Approval of Agenda:  Meg McDermott moved to approve the agenda and   Sabra Mayo seconded.  The agenda was approved.


  3. Approval of Minutes of 9/9/14:  Zuleika Martinez moved to approve the minutes of 9/9/14.    Michelle Chase seconded.  The minutes were approved unanimously. 


8.         Mission Moment:  Tony Orriola gave the mission moment which addressed his goal of working with government officials at the state legislature. 


9.         Directorís Report:    Molly Cole reviewed some Council activities for the period from September 1st through October 31st.   She also reviewed expenditures and budget for the period from October 1, 2013 through September 30, 2014. 


  1. Five Year Planning Process:      Shelagh McClure discussed the process for     seeking public input and reviewed the timeline for developing the five year plan.  In order to obtain public input the Council members and staff will schedule time with various organizations across the state.  These meetings will include an overview of the Council and Council initiatives and activities and a dialogue with constituents regarding their view on what the Council should do to implement their mission of full inclusion for all people with disabilities into the community.  These discussions should have a positive focus of what the vision is in communities across the state for people with disabilities, and what is working that the Council can build on.  All members are asked to reach out to groups and schedule time between January 13th and March 15th.  Staff will assist in these meetings, will develop a discussion guide, an overview presentation about the Council and current initiatives, a sign in sheet, an agenda, and a script that describes the purpose of these meetings.  The Council will provide transportation for any Council member who is facilitating one of these meetings.  The information will be used to develop draft goals for the 2016 five year plan.  Those draft goals will then be reviewed by the same groups for comment and edits before being revised and finalized by the Council in 2016.   The following Council members indicated they would assist in this effort:  Kathy Wolkner, Chris Blake, Joyce Lewis, Michelle Duprey, Michelle Chase, Meg McDermott, John Curtin, Jackie Jamison, Michelle Johnson, Ada Suarez, Jim Rosen, Sabra Mayo, Zuleika Martinez and April Burke. 


  2. Motion to approve timeline:  John Curtin moved to approve the timeline and  Zuleika Martinez seconded.  The timeline was approved. 


  3. Closure of state institutions:     Tony Orriola presided over this portion of the

    meeting. Shelagh McClure presented an overview of the motion and the background and opened the discussion.  The Council members stated that all institutional settings are inappropriate and that this was good timing because the remedial expert, Tony Records just release his report calling for the closure of Southbury.  The council members felt that this is a radical move and that materials should be developed that will anticipate concerns.  There was some discussion about re-naming the initiative (currently Community Living 2020) since the current name could be confused with a group home by the same name.  Shelagh McClure read the following motion: That the Connecticut Council on Developmental Disabilities Adopt the Following Position on the Closure of State Institutions for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities.  It is the position of the Connecticut Council on Developmental Disabilities that the continued operation of state institutions for individuals with intellectual disabilities is wrong, because they are segregated settings that deny individuals that live there the right to fully participate and contribute to society. The Council believes that all such institutions should be closed as soon as possible, but in any event, no later than the year 2020, and that the individuals who live there should be moved to appropriate homes in integrated settings in the community. Any savings realized from the closure of state institutions should be retained by the Department of Developmental Services to provide residential services to individuals with intellectual disabilities on the Waiting List for such services.


    Michele Chase seconded the motion and it was approved unanimously.  There was  brief discussion regarding the action steps to implement the motion, but it was determined that this would be discussed by the Executive Committee in December. 


  1. Committee Structure:  Shelagh McClure reviewed each committee function with the chair of each committee or a committee member.  The Council felt that the Membership Committee only needed to meet twice a year (not the required 4 times per year as stated in the by-laws, or as needed.)  They felt that the Proposal Review Committee should meet as needed, and this would be at least four times per year.  They felt that the role of APIE needed to be clarified, and that LPP should meet at least four times per year, mostly during the legislative session. 


    Five year plan committee: Council members expressed  that a committee to oversee the development and implementation of the five year plan should be formed, as it is in other states.  The Chair has the ability to appoint committees as needed, and this committee could be appointed. The issue of revising the bylaws will be discussed in January, and if the sections on Committees need to be revised there will need to be appropriate notice given.  Michelle Chase moved to create a Five Year Plan Committee and John Curtin seconded the motion.  The motion carried unanimously.  This committee will assist in all aspects of the timeline for submission of the plan, ensure the plan is written and monitor the plan.    This will be discussed further in January. 


  2. Committee Meetings:  The Membership, APIE, LPP and Proposal Review Committees met from 1:40 to 2:40. 


  3. Funding recommendations:  The Proposal Review Committee made the following recommendations:
  • Year two of the Governorís Prevention Partnership: $60,000. Tom Boudreau moved to allocate these funds and Chris Blake seconded.  The motion carried with Michelle Duprey  and John Curtin voting against.   
  • On Demand Transportation:  Award the Kennedy Center $60,000.  Tom Boudreau moved to allocate these funds and John Curtin seconded.  The motion carried with Michelle Duprey voting against.
  • PATH/FVCT: Award $15,000 for Support of CT KASA youth leadership.  Tom Boudreau moved to allocate these funds and Jim seconded.  The motion carried with Michelle Duprey voting against.
  • ARC CT:  Award a total of $59,065 to support a Community Connector project and a Housing project.  Tom Boudreau moved to allocate these funds and Michelle Chase seconded.  The motion carried with Michelle Duprey voting against. 


  1. Reports from Committee Meetings.  Note that committee meeting minutes will be posted for each committee.   Shelagh asked for a report out from each committee.


  2. Adjourn.  Sabra Mayo moved to adjourn the meeting and John Curtin seconded.  The meeting adjourned at 2:55 P.M.





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