CTCDD: Proposal Review Meeting 10-24-14

Proposal Review Meeting 10-24-14


CT Council on Developmental Disabilities

Proposal Review Committee

October 24, 2014


Present:  Jim Rosen, Chris Sullivan, Shelagh McClure, Tom Boudreau

Staff: Molly Cole


  1. Review and approve minutes of the PRC meeting of October 7,  2014.  Tom Boudreau   moved to approve the minutes of October 7 , 2014.  Jim Rosen seconded and the motion.  Tom suggested capitalizing All Abilities Alliance under number 4.  With this change, the motion  was passed unanimously.


  2. Discussion Transportation proposals.  The committee discussed both proposals informally.  Only one committee member had scored the proposals.  It was decided that all committee members would score both grants, discuss at the November 18th meeting and make a recommendation to the Council at that meeting.  Molly will send the scoring packet out to the Committee.


  1. RFP for Customized Employment:  Molly reported that OPA is using some funds to sponsor a customized employment conference in December.  This would attract about 150 agency, business and self-advocate participants.  It could be an opportunity for the Council to put forward a few small grant awards to encourage customized employment initiatives in the state.  Molly will draft an RFP for the Committee to discuss.  Questions to be addressed include number of proposals, amount per proposal, timelines and deliverables.  Molly will explore this process with other experts and use the information in developing the draft RFP for the Committee to review. 


  2. Housing proposals from ARC CT: Shelagh McClure reused herself from this discussion.  The Connector proposal and the Housing Matters proposal were both discussed.  The Committee agreed that both  21 month proposals needed revised budgets for each fiscal year with a budget narrative.  The Housing Matters proposal also needs more clarification of evaluation, outcomes and deliverables.  Molly will send a letter to ARC requesting the revisions prior to the November 18th meeting. 


  3. The meeting adjourned at 11:25.


    Next meeting will be face to face at the November 18th DD Council meeting. 

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