CTCDD: Proposal Review Meeting 7-1-14

Proposal Review Meeting 7-1-14





                                                               FINAL MINUTES


Proposal review Committee
July 1, 2014


PRC Members:  Chris Sullivan, Shelagh McClure, Tom Boudreau, Bill Knight, and Jim Rosen present. 


Staff Support: Molly Cole Executive Director of Developmental Disabilities Council.


Chris Sullivan, Chair, convened the meeting at 10:00 AM. 

         1.  Approval of Minutes from 1/14/14:  Shelagh McClure moved to approved the minutes of January 14, 2014.  Tom Boudreau seconded and the minutes were approved without amendment.    


2.     Discussion of RFP on transportation:  The committee considered several approaches to funding a transportation project.  They agreed that:

         The RFP should address the study/pilot of an on demand system of transportation, either in one areas of the state or statewide.

         The first year of this project will be a study/development of a plan for an on demand system.  This could include  use of technology ( as in UBER), use of a volunteer network, use of underutilized accessible transportation on nights and weekends, or other approaches. 

         Funding for years two and three will be determined based on the study/plan developed in year one.

         Total amount of year one funding will be $60,000.

         The Committee agreed that Molly Cole would draft language to send out to the committee and that the committee will review the language and edit.  A full vote will occur at the Council meeting on July 15th.

         Other issues considered were the project at ARC-CT, the study being conducted by the CT General Assembly, the report from the Office of Legislative Research, and the previous transportation study in Danbury  which the Council funded in 2010-11.

3.     Adjourn:  Chris Sullivan moved to adjourn the meeting and Tom Boudreau seconded.  The meeting adjourned at 10:55 AM.  


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