CTCDD: Proposal Review Meeting 1-14-14

Proposal Review Meeting 1-14-14

Minutes Approved 7/1/14
Regular Scheduled PRC Subcommittee Meeting
January 14, 2014


PRC Members:  Chris Sullivan, Shelagh McClure, Tom Boudreau, Bill Knight, and Jim Rosen present. 


Staff Support: Molly Cole – Executive Director of Developmental Disabilities Council.

1.      Welcome/Introductions:

The group reviewed meeting notes by Shelagh reading them for the group.  The approval of 11/12/13 were moved by Tom and seconded by Jim - approved unanimously without any changes.  The approval of 12/6/12 were moved by Jim and seconded by Shelagh – approved unanimously with minor edit; Chris and Bill abstained.


  1. Discussed the process for Consumer Involvement Fund.

    2a. Agreed that the process going further would be completed by the Executive Committee.

    2b. To ensure that a current applicant would be reviewed before the new process was in place.  The PRC reviewed the application: the applicant, the conference, costs and need.  Bill moved and was seconded by Shelagh to approve the application.


  2. Other business:

    3a. The PRC does not need to meet every time and will meet when needed.

    3b. The PRC discussed reviewing the “Site Visit Form” for future projects.

    3c. We agreed that as an ongoing practice – a “Formatted Letter” should be sent along to individuals or groups who present proposals to the DD Council outside of the grant application process.  Molly will review this with the larger DD Council and discuss: why this is important and what the letter will say.




    Next Meeting:

    There will be a meeting if needed.


    Respectfully submitted,

    Thomas Boudreau

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