CTCDD: APIE Meeting 1/31/14

APIE Meeting 1/31/14


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Connecticut Council on Developmental Disabilities Advocacy, Public Information & Education Committee Conference Call: 2:30-4:00 PM

                         1-866-798-2722          Code:  1951249209

January 31, 2014


Attendance:  Melissa Morton (Chair); Tony Orriola (Co-Chair); Zuleika Martinez; Brenda Stenglein; John Curtin; Bill Knight (ex-officio)

Absent:  Robin Wood

Staff:  Cathy Adamczyk

  1. Call to Order:  A quorum was established and committee chair Melissa Morton called the meeting to order at 2:37 PM.
  2. Approval of Agenda:  A motion to approve the agenda was made by John Curtin and seconded by Tony Orriola.  The vote to approve was unanimous.
  3. Approval of December 5, 2013 Minutes:  A motion was made by Tony Orriola to approve the December 5, 2013 minutes.  John Curtin seconded the motion.  The motion carried unanimously with Mr. Curtin abstaining.
  4. Approval of January 14, 2014 Minutes:  A motion was made by John Curtin to approve the January 14, 2014 minutes.  Tony Orriola seconded the motion.  The motion carried unanimously with Mr. Curtin abstaining.


  5. Review Progress towards Preparation for March Public Comment Meeting:
  1. Communication strategies:  telephone, e-mail, fax, flyer, post on DD Council face book page and website, Molly and a self- advocate  (Bill Knight?) to promote the event by working with DDS public relations
  2. Include DD Council mission statement on flyer
  3. DD staff has access to professional English to Spanish translation for flyer and sign language interpreter for actual meeting
  4. RSVPís to go through the DD Council office; as they come through, the office staff should keep track of how they heard about the public comment meeting


  1. Next Steps:


  1. Review draft and comment on flyer content changes by Feb. 4.
  2. Finalize flyer by Feb. 10
  3. Send finalized flyer to DD Council office to be translated to Spanish
  4. Disseminate flyer
  5. Work with DDS public relations for outreach opportunities
  6. Tony to follow-up on a public access lead
  7. Schedule another conference call for Feb. 13, 2014 from 2:30-4:00 PM
  1. Adjourn:

    A motion was made by John Curtin to adjourn at 3:46 PM.  Brenda Stenglein seconded the motion.  The motion carried unanimously.






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