CTCDD: Beliefs and Principles

Beliefs and Principles


We, as a national Community of Practice believe that:

  • All people have a right to live, work and play in inclusive communities.

  • All people need enduring and stable relationships with their family, with friends, partners, co-workers, neighbors, and with other community members; and may, at times, need support to maintain those relationships

  • The membership of the family unit is defined by each person

  • Individuals and their families are the experts in what supports work best for them.

  • Support for individuals and families must be ongoing and readily available throughout the lifespan, utilizing a peer support model whenever possible.



Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families should have the opportunity to:

  • Engage in active and meaningful community participation, including employment, and family life.

  • Be acknowledged as strong and resilient; and treated with respect and dignity.

  • Access formal and informal supports and services throughout the lifespan that support their life in the community.

  • Live in communities that are accessible for all.

  • Have relationships with support professionals that are collaborative, proactive, and respectful of strengths and needs, across the lifecourse.


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