CTCDD: Proposal Review Meeting 12-18-12

Proposal Review Meeting 12-18-12


CT Council on Developmental Disabilities

Proposal Review Committee

Draft Minutes


December 18, 2012

3PM -  4PM via teleconference


Present:  Jennifer Throwe, Chris Sullivan, Shelagh McClure, Ray Lasky, Tom Boudreau

Staff:  Molly Cole


1.    Agenda:  Tom Boudreau move to table item 3 (review and make recommendations from RFPs from 2012 for 2013) until decisions on priority areas and available funding are completed.  Ray Lasky seconded the motion.  The agenda was approved with the modification. 

2.    Review Protocol:  The committee began reviewing the protocol approved by the Council on November 14, 2012.  Tom Boudreau moved to submit the changes in the review protocol to the full Council on January 8.  Shelagh McClure seconded the motion and it carried unanimously.  The revised protocol will be sent back to the Committee members for final review and edits prior to the January 8 Council meeting. 

3.    Grant Application Outline:  The committee began their review of the grant application outline and scoring criteria.  They will continue this review at the next meeting and will bring recommended changes to the meeting.  Additionally the Committee discussed the need for more training among prospective applicants regarding the required elements of the grant, and that perhaps the bidders conference for prospective grantees should be mandatory, and be available as a webinar. 

4.    Next steps:  Review the current scoring, application and templates.

5.    Adjourn:  Tom Boudreau moved to adjourn the meeting.  Ray Lasky seconded the motion, which carried unanimously.  The meeting adjourned at 4:03 PM. 





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