CTCDD: 12-12-12 Minutes

12-12-12 Minutes


Connecticut Council on Developmental Disabilities


By-Laws Committee


Draft minutes


Tuesday, December 12, 2012


4:00-5:00 PM via teleconference


Present:  Chris Sullivan, Michelle Duprey, Brenda Stenglein, Chris Blake


1.    The Committee reviewed the by-laws  which had been revised in March 2012, and made edits to those by-laws.

2.    Molly will summarize the proposed edits and send out via e-mail to the committee for review. .

3.    The committee did not feel it needs to meet again.  They members will review and edit the materials via e-mail.

4.    Chris Sullivan agreed to present and review the proposed changes to the Council at the January 8, 2013 meeting so that they can be voted on in March.

5.    The meeting adjourned at 4:55 PM. 


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