CTCDD: CTCDD Agenda 9-11-12

CTCDD Agenda 9-11-12


CT Council on Developmental Disabilities

Annual Meeting

September 11, 2012



10:00 A.M.             Welcome   Frank Reed,  Maryann Lombardi

                                                Introduction of DD Council Members

10:05 A.M.             Approval of the Agenda  Frank Reed


10:10 A.M.             The DD Council: Mission, Priorities, 5 year plan  Molly Cole


10:30 A.M.             Presentation:  Parents with Cognitive Limitations Project

                             Wendy Kwalwasser


         10:50 A.M.             Presentation:  WeCAHR Aging in Place Project  Shirley Ricart


11:10 A.M.             Presentation:  Medical Safeguards Project  Sandra Trionfoni and Esther Rada


11:30 A.M.             Questions/discussion from the public     

Recognition of those retiring from the Council


Noon                     Lunch




1:00 P.M.   Approval of minutes from June 12, 2012 Frank Reed


1:05 P.M.   Presentation , discussion, approval of 2013 budget; Updates Molly C


1:35 P.M.               Election of Chair/Vice Chair 


1:45 P.M.               Committee Reports:

                             Proposal Review:  Guy Sullivan

                             Legislative Policy: Bill Knight

                             Membership:  Sabra Mayo

                             APIE: Dwayne Paul

                             By-Laws: Maryann Lombardi

2:00 P.M.               Small groups and updates:


                           Emergency Preparedness Laura Marcinauskis


                                      Employment Monica Smythe


                                      Housing Maryann Lombardi


2:45 P.M.    Discussion of  June 12 Executive Session Guy Sullivan


3:00 P.M.   Adjourn

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